Friday, March 5, 2010

Photos from Bro Palace

Deth P. Sun
My work.

Ferris Plock
Ferris Plock.


Jay Howell
Jay Howell

Porous Walker
Porous Walker

Jay Howell & Marci Washington
Marci with Jay Howell

Marci & Ferris
Marci with Ferris.

Kelly & Marci
Marci with Kelly Tunstall. Check out K&F's studio, and Kelly's new interview here.

Jay Howell and Skinner
Howell & Skinner.

Jay Howell & The Trippes
Howell & Trippes.

John Taylor & Rob Williams
John & Rob. Old friends from SF State. They came just in time to see the last song. They live in the neighborhood. A few days earlier, after I installed I went to Rob's house where he made me drink two different cups of coffee, one was a French Roast that is popular in Louisiana (and with the Vietnamese-American community) and another was some Ethiopian brand that had a hint of blueberries in it's taste. He also gave me these. I gave him a painting of a hot dog.

Derek, Zach, & Marci
Derek, Zach and Marci. Derek was my old boss and Zach lives around the corner from us.

Bacon Link Meal
Afterwards John took us to this Filipino burger place called Uncle Boys and I got one of the best sandwiches ever. It's a hot dog link wrapped with bacon. The normal lumpia is alright, but the dessert lumpia is pretty sweet if you like fried bananas.

After Party

More Photos from that night can be found here:
Jay Howell
Park Life
Fecal Face
John Casey
Tiny Mental Palace
Arrested Motion

(photo: John Trippe). This got us through the night.

By the way that show's up till March 29th, so if you're in The Richmond you should stop by.

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