Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mission Bookhunting

I went on my Mission book shopping trip.
1. I started off with Dog Eared Books on 20th & Valencia. I found 3 titles in the Doubleday Anchor series as well as another Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque by Edgar Allan Poe (it was $3.50). I'm just going to give it to a friend. Dog Ear Books is a really sweet book store.
2. Modern Times which is across the street next to the liquor store. I didn't find anything at Modern Times, and for being so big they didn't have a lot there. They did have sections for different local schools, even a bookcase full of books published by CCA. But uh, it was alright.
3. Forest Books on 16th & Mission. I didn't find any Doubleday Anchors here either. I did find a cover he did for the Vintage Russian Library Series (Chernyshevsky's What is to be done?). Here's the other one we have, which is Alexander Pushkin's Captain's Daughter.
4. Abandoned Books closed. I think they're turning it into an alternative art space. As an artist you'd think I would think that would be cool, but no, no I don't.
5. Adobe Books on 16th & Guerrero, was the highlight of the trip. I found 7 titles I didn't have, and 2 extra ones that might be in better condition. And they were so nice, and gave me a book for free and all this information, cause they already knew about the series I was collecting (he even mentioned the one book we want the most). Their used collection is so vast it's amazing. It feels like it's as much as Moe's & Shakespeare's combined. The fiction was laid out in boxes and I was able to find everything pretty easily.
6. Aardvark Books near Church and Market didn't have anything. All the used books are priced at half of what was listed. The Anchor Doubledays are priced from 95c to $2.50, so that's what 50c to a $1.25, so yeah. They didn't have anything.

So yeah. In the end I have 10 new titles to the Doubleday Anchor series, 2 doubles, and two other books Edward Gorey did covers for. So now I have 34 for of the 124 some-odd ones he did.

If I had to rank all the used books I've been to in the Bay Area so far in trying to find these books (just in case you wanted to know):
1. Adobe Books (San Francisco) 7 titles
2. Moe's (Berkeley) 5 titles
3. Half-Priced Books (Berkeley) 4 titles
4. Dog Eared Books (San Francisco) 3 titles
5. Pegasus & Pendragon Books-Solano Ave (Berkeley) 4 titles
6. Green Apple Books (San Francisco) 2 titles
7. Pegasus Books-Downtown (Berkeley) 2 titles
8. Shakespeare's (Berkeley) 6 titles
9. Forest Books (San Francisco)
10. University Press Bookstore (Berkeley)
11. Modern Times (San Francisco)
12. Aardvark (San Francisco)

There's two bookstores in Rockridge that I used to go to. I don't know if Diesel still caries used books, but Pendragon's does (It's the 3rd branch of Pegasus Books). There's another my old roommate used to work at in Elmwood but it might have closed down, and there's Book Zoo on Telegraph and then there's the Friends of the Berkeley Public Library. I can't think of any other book stores I can get to on public transportation. If you do send info my way.

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