Monday, March 8, 2010

Food Journal

These are the last two pages of my food journal. I was thinking about extending it to another journal but I think I like the idea of quitting this project more. I would have had these images up earlier but I lost my food journal for a while, and then when I found it my pen broke and I got a little spilled ink on the page. Yeah, I know, it's not really that exciting of a story.

Food Journal 20
I made a cake, and now I never want to eat another slice ever again. I think the problem with me making a cake for no apparent reason is that there was just me and Marci eating this cake, so it was a lot of cake. I put a quarter of it in the compost.

I got proficient in making eggs in a basket. It's the easiest thing to do and takes about 5 minutes to finish. The other day I made french toast for the first time. It was amazingly easy. I was at the produce market and bought some fancy maple syrup cause the bottle looked pretty awesome, and french toast was the cook book's easiest option in stuff to eat with maple syrup.

I was taking a break from caffeine for a little while but had to get back on it cause I had to finish paintings for a show.

Food Journal 21
We went to Sanmi for Valentines.
We tried out a pho place down the street cause Marci didn't want to go to Downtown Berkeley. It kind of sucked.

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