Friday, February 19, 2010

West LA

Marci found our map of West LA from when we moved down there in 2005. I charted out the stuff I needed to know, which isn't much. The Bank, the post office, the art supply stores, my work, 7-Elevens, and my house (uh, just in case I forgot where that was). You know. The important things. Since I don't drive, these were all the places I usually hung out at.

The things I missed: The Jewish Grocery, the News Stands on Pico & National, and the one next to the grocery store on Santa Monica, the very nice family run book store on Sawtelle, the really nice Mexican place off of Pico, Anawalt Lumber where I got most of my wood from, and Big Tomy's which was the place I ate at whenever I got depressed at work.

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