Sunday, February 7, 2010

Food Journal Jan 24-Feb 1

Food Journal 19
One of the most epic weeks of eating in a while.
Sunday the 24th- Our friend, Neil had a birthday party and made his own sausage. He tried to have a BBQ at the Marina but it began to rain so it ended up getting moved to another friend's backyard. It was kind of confusing cause there was also some football party going on. His homemade sausage was amazing and someone else made their own mustard.
Monday the 25th- We got Pineapple Aqua Frescas with our burritos at Cactus Taqueria. If you don't know what Aqua Frescas are it basically a combination of crush fresh fruit, sugar, and water. You can only get certain flavors during different parts of the year. Like my favorite is strawberry, but it's not strawberry season so I haven't seen it at all yet, so I've been "surviving" on cantaloupe aqua fresca.
Tuesday the 26th- We fly into Providence and Shea takes us to The Red Fezz. We share a thing of Poutine and I get a pulled pork sandwich.
Wednesday the 27th- We take a day trip to New Bedford, Mass. and eat at Davy's Locker near the shore. I got Cajun Fried Shrimp. But Marci and Shea each got some variation of the Scallop Shrimp Casserole:
Scallop Shrimp Casserole

Thursday the 28th- We hung out in Providence and ended up eating at Saki's for pizza and then ordered out from Bob & Timmy's for more pizza to watch Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
Friday the 29th- Portland, Maine. We drink scotch (12 year Caol Ila)at a bar by the fire and then make our way to J's Oyster Bar. The meal was amazing, and it was so overwhelming I forgot to draw some of the stuff we ate.

Saturday the 30th- Here's a photo of my mind being blown by a whoopie pie (We don't have these in California):
Whoopie Pie for Breakfast

We also have a very nice Indian meal in Cambridge.

Sunday the 31st- Our final meal with Shea is at Angelo's on Federal Hill. No Camera. Ravioli, Chicken Parm, Grilled Vegetable Lasagna. For dessert we shared a Lobster Tail, which I had to look up online to remember what to draw. On the layover at Midway, Marci got of the plane and came back with a Char Dog from Gold Coast Dogs. Seriously fucking amazing. I've never really been to Chicago, only on layovers to the East Coast, but the food in their airport is pretty amazing.

Layover at Midway Airport

Monday the 1st of February- Back in Berkeley, we go to Costco and get hot dogs and a swirl yogurt. Although $1.50 for a dog and cola is pretty awesome, it's not the same as that Char Dog.

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