Friday, February 19, 2010

BRO PALACE at Park Life (San Francisco), Feb 26th


Bro Palace

Porous Walker
Jay Howell
Deth P Sun
Ferris Plock

Opening Reception: Friday February 26th, 7-10pm

February 26th - March 29th

Now for something completely different…

Bro Palace is the title of our upcoming art show featuring the work of Skinner, Porous Walker, Jay Howell, Deth P Sun and Ferris Plock. Although their work is mostly rooted in illustration, each artist has a very distinct and instantly recognizable style. From psychedelic mash-ups to ink drawings to sculpture this show promises to tickle the artistic fancy of a wide viewing audience. To further add a touch of mayhem, the SF based band Thee Oh Sees will be playing a special set during the night of the reception. This show is not to be missed, bro.

Artist Bio:

Skinner is an obsessive painter / illustrator who collects animals and friends while envisioning the end of all humans in his psychedelic nightmare paintings too hideous to behold.

Porous Walker is somebody.
Porous draws, paints, writes, sculpts, acts, films, photos, fashion designs and anything else it takes to get his vision across. Porous has shown works all around the globe and even in fancy places like the NY MOMA. His works have been featured in major motion pictures and television.
Porous Walker has been officially selected by himself to waste hours
of your time with his crap.

Jay Howell is an all around kind dude that draws funny-ass cartoons and stuff. He lives in San Francisco where he can be seen on the streets messin’ around and sayin’ classic shit on a regular basis.

Deth P. Sun is a painter/illustrator currently residing in Berkeley, California. He is originally from San Diego, California, and moved up to the Bay Area for schooling. He received his BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 2002 in Painting and Drawing.

Ferris Plock is an artist who currently enjoys drawing tacos fighting burgers in a battle for fast food supremacy. He can be found roaming the beautiful streets of Western Addition with his wife and his son. He has been creating his art for a few years now and hopes to continue to do so in the near and distant future. He is very excited to be working with the likes of Deth, Jay, Porous, and Skinner.

Please send press inquires to

Park Life
220 Clement St
SF CA 94118


Uh, not to just go on a random tangent or anything. I've never been really good with writing my own bio. To tell you the truth, what I normally do is just ignore request for bios until it's too late and just hope they don't print one. Yeah, pretty awesome. This is the reason why I don't have a real job. That really doesn't always work out. So yeah.

But yeah. I've been giving out the same bio for the past 10 years, and it's never going to change. Another things, is that I never really read bios. I've been posting shows and descriptions of shows for years, but I just copy and paste the press releases. I mean, it's art, you should just look at the images and the names and know if that might be a good show.

This by the way will be a good show. And I'm just saying this cause everyone in this show does pretty sweet work and not because I read their bios. Cause I didn't. Except for Jay Howell's. Cause they edited out some of his swear words.

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