Friday, January 1, 2010

Food Journal

Food Journal 15
Friday the 11th of December to Sunday the 20th of December
Uh, It was kind of a boring few days of eating.
Cactus Taqueria - It's across the street from Marci's bank so we went there twice before Marci had to go to work in the City.
Tim Tams - They now sell Tim Tams at Safeway. It's an Australia chocolate biscuit. You can perform a Tim Tam Slam with it.
Apple Jazz - I got it cause it's called "Apple Jazz". It kind of tastes like a Pink Lady to me.
Arinell's is the name of the Pizza Place I like.
Pork Loins Wrapped in Bacon with Mash And Brussels Sprouts. Marci made that for Movie Night (we watched Drag me to Hell).
La Bayou - I went and got a fried catfish burger at this Cajun place while Marci was looking lamp shades.

Food Journal 16
Monday the 21st of December to Wednesday the 30th of December
Mangoes - Mangoes were on sale. They're a $1.50 each at the Safeway and the come from Ecuador.
Chaat Cafe - This is the first time Marci and I went and got a real meal instead of just an appetizer and we were really pleased at what we got. We got Tandoori Chicken with Rice and Naan.
Arinell's - I took Marci there for the first time. She liked it but I think she'll stick to just one slice. We went there again cause she was coming home late and I told her I'd meet her at the BART station so we went there cause there was nothing to eat at home.
Christmas Dinner - We ate a lot of stuff: beef roast, lamb shank, crab, mash, spinach, root bake.
Thai Noodle - I went to BART to walk Marci home cause it was late (a little after midnight). Thai Noodle opens till 1 am so we tried that place out. It was also conveniently on the way home as well. It was pretty decent. I ordered crab fried rice for the first time and yeah.
Bon Apetite Magazine - Marci's sister left her magazine over from Christmas, so Marci made one of the recipes cause she's been craving ham. She made little ham biscuit sandwiches.

A friend asked me if I ever get bored with drawing the same stuff over and over again. But yeah. I kind of don't. It's like saying you get bored drawing the letter "D". Pretty much each day's entry is about 5 minutes of drawing, so it's not really a lot of work.


tim said...

I am so jealous you can buy tim-tam's at your safeway. I live in a tiny town in colorado and that would be a great balm for my home-sickness.
I am so glad i found your blog again. Your amazing art has been haunting my memories for a few years, and I can't wait for your zine to turn up in my mail box

Deth said...

oh, i think you get then at Target nationwide. So if you're near a big city they might be there.