Friday, January 1, 2010

Daniel St. George sent us the Greatest Package Ever

It included two Moomin Lights.

Moomin with Thor
Moomin is pretty popular in Japan (They made an animation series in the 80s, and they have a few video games). They opened up a store in Tokyo which is where Daniel got all this stuff for us. For the past few years I've been really into Moomin. It's kind of the reason why I want to go to Finland. But I kind of been wanting to go to the Scandinavian region in general for a while.

Daniel sent us this photo of the storefront in Tokyo.

Moomin Stuff

Moomin Biscuits

Moomin Tin

Moomin Tote
Junior size tote.


Print Masks
He also sent Marci some masks for when she has to trim at work.

This package came a week after Brendan and Evah gave us Moomin Pillow Cases for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

That's a whole lot of Moomin goodness!