Friday, December 11, 2009

Food Journal

Food Journal 14

Pretty bland week in terms of eating. There's only so many ways you can draw a bowl of cornflakes or a banana, or navel oranges. It's been really cold, so I've only left the house four times that I can remember, and twice it was to go to the post office.

California Navel Oranges were down to .49c for a while. They're back up to .99c, but it's still a pretty good price compared to the summer.

I've been buying the store brand Corn Flakes at $1.99. Safeway has this new advertising campaign with everything having lower prices, but technically all the prices were inflated from last year when the price of gas spiked up and they raised the prices of everything. But the tags get kind of confusing cause you think there's a sale but it's not, it's just a sign with a slightly lesser price.

Yeah. I don't know. Pretty much everyday I ate a banana with my cornflakes, and a navel orange. I'm off caffeine right now cause I'm not painting. I'm just doing data entry (spreadsheeting receipts), packing holiday orders, and trying to draw (which I haven't). I've been watching a lot of TV, and not leaving the house cause it's been really fucking cold. It's the coldest that I could remember.

Things of Note:
1. I found a pizza place off of Shattuck that I really like. Normally I don't really like pizza, but the place makes their's pretty thin and the prices are decent. I think NY Pizza or something generic. From the outside it looks like a hole in the wall, and for the past decade I've probably walked passed it about million times cause it's near Comic Relief, but inside there's a neon mural, and it's kind of weird eating in cause both the walls have mirrors so you can see people watching you eat. I forgot where I'm going with this. Pizza.

2. Marci made Hoppin' John. Which is like the easiest thing to make. It's black eye peas, bacon and some other stuff.

3. We made tuna melts with tomato soup. The tomato soup we liked were on sale for $2. When I got home I found a coupon for a $1 off. Cheese was on sale. Safeway doesn't sell theirs by the pound. It was 1.47 for something I'd get at Trader Joe's for about $2.27.

4. I got burritos twice in one week for the first time we moved here. There's a Cactus on Solano across the way from Marci's bank. The Cactus on College is always busy but this one's super mellow. It's also the same Cactus where I got a BBQ Pork and Pineapple Burrito that was pretty fucking amazing.

5. Myleen's Pig Roast. I can't believe I almost forgot this. Our friend Myleen roasted a 30 lb pig for her birthday. We got there pretty late, around 9 or so, so we didn't get to see the pig hung up by a bamboo stick, but the food was pretty amazing. I had some with rice and a salad and another in a burrito. Marci couldn't make it, so I didn't drink anything. Myleen had about 20 bottles of whiskey and I heard that the Rip Van Wrinkle was pretty good.

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