Monday, November 30, 2009

Food Journal Update

I got behind on inking the pages of my food journal. Drawing out what I eat really doesn't take that long, but inking takes a while. We had a lot of free time during Thanksgiving so I was able to get around to this.

Food Journal 10
Mon Oct 26-Tues Nov 3
Monday the 26th- On the drive back from LA with Adam we stopped off at an In & Out in Kettleman City on the 5. Before that I ate some of Ryan's cereal while he was away.
Wednesday the 28th- Moving out of the old studio in the City, Marci, Michelle and I went to Hard Knox. It's a really good Southern place, and I would highly recommend you eat there if you're either in Dogpatch or the Richmond. I got fried chicken, collard greens, mac & cheese, and mash with corn bread.
Saturday the 31st- We got mini tacos at Trader Joe's and ate them with a bowl of beans. I was at some Halloween party and my friend made me a mystery cocktail with Jim Bean and it was kind of weird.

Food Journal 11
Wed Nov 4-Thu Nov 12
Thursday the 5th
- I guilt tripped Marci into driving me to Nations cause I forgot to eat while she was doing her girl's night dinner with Michelle.
Saturday the 7th- I watched the Botany of Desire on PBS and decided that maybe I haven't given apples enough chances. I figure there are so many types of apples that eventually I'd find an apple I'd like to eat. So I tried a Red Delicious apple. It was too acidic.
Sunday the 8th- We went and saw "Where the Wild Things Are" and shared a thing of popcorn. I tried a Jonagold apple. It was kind of mushy.
Tuesday the 10th- I went out to lunch at Saul's with Adam and got two poached eggs with pastrami, hash browns and a bagel. I haven't eaten a bagel since I was like 16 so it was kind of weird. Afterward I made Adam come with me as I went produce shopping at the Safeway. We split a box of It's Its Cappuccino.
Wednesday the 11th- Marci makes her Rice Porridge (or what she calls, "Health Food of the Ancients"). It's really good, has both chicken and shrimp and she makes SE Asian style croutons. I added dried shrimp my mom picked up for me from Cambodia a few years ago. I tried a Gala apple. It was okay.

Food Journal 12
Thu Nov 12-Fri Nov 20th
Friday the 13th
- Had to go down to install for my solo show at GR2. My friend, Tommy drove me down in his pick up truck. Apparently all I ate that day was two taquitos, fries and a burger.
Saturday the 14th- Went to the Brite Spot with Tommy, Conor, and Ben. Also went to Hurry Curry of Tokyo after the opening. I really like Japanese Curry but know of only one place in the city. I know, this is totally not exciting. I'm just pretty surprised that every place I eat has a website.
Sunday the 15th- Back on the 5. I ate at Popeyes for the first time ever. It wasn't really that bad. That day I ate that, some mini cinnamon rolls I got from a 24 hour donut shop in Koreatown in LA, and Marci's Tuna Casserole.
Tuesday the 17th- Honey Crisp Apple. Ok.
Thursday the 19th- Pink Lady Apple. I think the Pink Lady is the best I tried so far.

Food Journal 13
Sat Nov 2st-Mon Nov 30th
Saturday the 21st
- Picked up a Bud's Kona Coffee Ice Cream. Bud's Ice Cream of San Francisco is based in Thailand which is kind of weird knowing that.
Tuesday the 24th- Braeburn Apple. It was Crisp and I thought it was okay.
Thursday the 26th- Thanksgiving at Marci's Grandparents house.
Friday the 27th- We went to Rainbow Orchards in Camino and got an apple crisp and apple cider donuts. They fry the donuts when you order, and the apple crisp was fucking amazing. The donuts were $1 and the crisp was $4.
Saturday the 28th- I took a break from apples and tried eating a D'Anjou Pear. It was okay, but I kind of didn't finish it.
Sunday the 29th- Ben Bush was in town so I went with him and some of his Oakland friends to the Thai Temple lunch in Berkeley. It was pretty awesome. If you're in Berkeley on a Sunday and near the tool lending library on MLK you should stop by. I got BBQ chicken with rice and a Thai Iced Coffee for $7. I think it was probably the best Thai meal I had in a while.
Monday the 30th- One of my new favorite meals is a grilled cheese and tomato soup on the side. Marci made Tuna Melts.

Jesus shit. Yeah. That's what happens when you get behind in inking. So pretty much each week I make my way to the grocery store about 3 or 4 times, probably. Each time I go out I pretty much try hitting under $20. Sometimes I get it, but other times I don't. Its' strange, there's a lot of autumn fruit that's on sale. Bananas are 79c a lb, and if you want organic ones they're 99c. If I remember correctly they were about $1.19 during the summer. I bought 6 today for $1.64. Navel Oranges which were pretty expensive during the summer are 99c a lb, or $1.49 if you go for the organic ones. I bought four for $2.45 today. Are navel oranges autumn fruits? They don't have Southern Hemisphere citrus anymore at the grocery (all the oranges I was buying during the summer were from Australia or South America), so all the ones in the Safeway are from California. The Clementines are also in season. They're seedless and they're packaged as Cuties, but sometimes they're labeled as Satsumas or Mandarins. We got a large bag at Costco for $6.99 which is about the same price as you'd get at Trader Joe's or the local Safeway for the slightly smaller bags.

Marci's favorite fruit is pineapple and I noticed they were on sale too (for about $2.89 each). I don't know anything about pineapples so I looked up videos on how to pick out a good pineapple and how to cut them up. It wasn't that hard but I still didn't cut my pineapple so awesome.

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