Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photos for My Show in LA

Here are some photos from my show in LA. It's up till December 2nd, so if you're in West LA you should stop by. I went down there with Tommy cause Marci's still on a deadline and I stayed with a friend in Koreatown. Although LA is 6 hours away and is quite exciting every time I come down for a show I tend to not really do anything special. I think it mostly has to deal with the fact we lived down there for a year so there's nothing really new to explore, that and the last three times I've been down, Marci hasn't been able to make it down so it's kind of like, yeah.

The last time I was in LA we played cards in my friend's front yard and I visited a haunted house in Burbank. The time before that which was October 2008, I got sick, so I spent most of the day before the show sleeping, and my friend, Carolline went out and rented Jumanji or something and fell asleep halfway through. This time we played Trivial Pursuit while drinking whiskey and had lunch at the Brite Spot by default cause we couldn't think of a better place to go to.

Uh, installing was pretty easy. I suckered my friend Derek to skip out on whatever he was doing to help me install and he pretty much measured out all spacing and hung everything needing nails. I use velcro to hang my smaller pieces, so those went up pretty fast. I spent the bulk of the trip down cutting strips of velcro in the dark and was lucky to come away with no injuries. Uh, our friend Adam was also down and came by to help. It looked like it would take us about 6 hours to get it all up but it took us about 3. Yeah, not really that exciting.

Marci framed my prints for me. She did a pretty good job.

My friend is a carpenter in the city and cut out the 5"x5" and 5"x7" panels for me from the extra wood lying around the place he worked. I paid him in beer and whiskey.

I wish I had more stuff to say but it was a really fast trip. We got in at 7 PM on Friday, and left 9 AM on Sunday. That and I don't really take very many photos unless there's a cat around, or there's something strange I'm going to eat.

Rob & Ako
I did take a photo of Rob and Ako. The live in LA but I went to school with them at CCAC, but the graduated the year I came in. They both make lovely work, and Rob's on the cover of the new issue of Giant Robot.