Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daily Life

So the past few weeks we've been holed up in the studio working on our various projects. Marci has to finish up some paintings for her gallery to take to Miami and I've had a shows to deal with so it's been a few late nighters. It's been really cold I've been working till 4 or 5 in the morning just cause I can't get myself out of bed earlier than 1 in the afternoon.

Since I got back from LA it's pretty much the same thing. Just hanging out in the studio trying to get stuff done. Marci's been picking up audio books from the Library and I've been watching stuff off of PBS's website and Netflix instant view as we're working. My feet get pretty cold. I'm pretty warm blooded, but I'm still from San Diego, and sometimes the extreme cold of Northern California gets kind of annoying. The colds months should really just be between November and February. But I really hate Southern California heat, so I can deal with 40oF nights.

Above is a photo of my spot in the studio while making work for my solo show. I just line everything up after drawing everything down and then I start painting by color. I start off with the more transparent colors and then progressively start using darker colors. This just saves me from wasting paint and it makes sure my brush stays clean from getting mixed up with another color. Also I think my brush lasts longer when I do this cause I'm not constantly cleaning it out.

It kind of doesn't feel like I'm working on several different paintings, but more like just one giant one with many little parts. It seems like I'm not getting anything done but then near the end everything finishes up pretty quickly.

I found this photo online (shot by John Trippe of Fecalface) of my spot of the studio when it was Evah's. It's from one of Brendan's studio visit. We just got a letter from them the other day and it reminds me that I should send them something in the mail sometime soon.

I've been behind on a lot of things. Like updating my website, uploading images to flickr, collating and stapling this stack of zines, and I have to ship off paintings to shows. I'm also doing the Post-It show at GR2 but I haven't started on any Post-Its yet. But yeah. All in good time. Marci's been stressed about painting for her deadline, so I'm helping her out a little cause she helped me out so much while getting stuff done for the Japanese American National Museum and my solo show.

But yeah. I watched the Botany of Desire on PBS and it made me want to try out different types of apples. I really don't like apples at all, so I thought I'd try to find one I might like. I've tried a Red Delicious, it (sucked, super mush), a Gala (it was okay), a Honey Crisp, and a Pink Lady (both are alright). I'm taking a short break from Apples and I'm going to try a different near fruit tomorrow, a D'Anjou pear. But I never liked pears either.

Blood Orange season just ended and I miss them a lot. I don't know when they'll come back. I found a nice recipe for a blood orange and whiskey cocktail. Pretty much it's just fresh squeezed blood orange, mint and whiskey. It was the end of blood orange season when I tried this so I had to use navel oranges but it worked the same I guess. It was slightly cheaper. Blood Oranges go for about $3.65 a lb, but Navel is like about $3.19 a lb. Oranges are kind of expensive, they make out to be about $1.60 per fruit, but one orange is about 25% of your daily requirement in Vitamin C. Yeah, I don't know. I also miss Mineola Tangelos. Right now it's California Navel and California Clementines (Cuties). It's kind of weird that bananas are never out of season.

I think the only reason why I'm on this fruit kick is cause I want to draw them in my food journal, get fruit stickers to learn codes, and have something to put in my compost. My compost pile is pretty sweet (In the top photo you can see the studio compost bowl). I like turning the soil and feeling how warm the dirt gets. It's a pretty organic compost (the only man-made thing in it are unbleached coffee filters) so it breaks down pretty quickly. There's a lot of oranges in there but you really can't see the rind after just a few weeks. There's a lot of rocks to shift through but I think I've been getting most of them out. Peach pits don't compost and whoever composted before me ate a lot of them so I've had to shift those out, too. The squirrels keep leaving half eaten apples everywhere so I've been putting those in my compost. Yes, yes. The world is alright.


Anna M. said...

hey you use those red worms for the compost pile? I need to still build my little compost know, you make a lot less trash when you compost like neat!
Also, bummed i didn't see you for your show down here...I still have to head over to GR2 before people starting taking all the paintings they bought!

Amelia said...

very inspiring. i long for my studio space not to be my bedroom too!


Deth said...

no i don't use worms. i just dump the stuff in and hope for magic. i usually go in with a shovel and just mix the stuff around. they'd probably break down faster with worms but yeah, it totally reduces the amount of trash we have. i only take out the trash about once a week now.

it's okay about GR2. it's always the same. they're like weird business trips where i can't really see my friends.