Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rebecca Ebeling at Maniac Gallery (Los Angeles) Nov. 6

Our old studio mate Becky's having a show on the 6th of November in LA. If you have the chance you should make your way down there.

MANIAC presents *Bloodsugarsexmagik: To Infinity *new work by San Francisco based artist Rebecca Ebeling conjoining the spectacular and bizarre with the processed and manufactured to construct a binary alternative hosting visual segments of space, empty regions and atmospheres, (images and ideologies traditionally agreed upon) as an alternative to a consumerist adherence to ideas of the unfathomable.

I have seen Rebecca work on this show for some months now and it was exciting to see the process. She will not only have paintings but sculptures as well that are filled with shiny, beautiful pieces juxtaposed with grotesque shapes and colors. This show should prove to be a mystical space to encounter.

The show opens Friday, November 6th at 8pm.
For more information go to, Maniac Gallery

To see more of Rebecca's work go to,

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