Friday, October 30, 2009

LA, my Food Journal, more stuff.

ryan being me
(Ryan Being Me).

I had to go down to LA for a group show I'm in at the Japanese American National Museum that Giant Robot put me in. My friend Adam drove me down in his pick up and we stayed over at our friend Ryan's house in Hollywood. It was really short trip, and this was pretty much it:

Saturday: Drive Down the 5, JANM, a Japanese Restaurant with an hour wait, and karaoke in a very nice dive bar. The drinks were weak at the dive bar, and two makers and coke weren't enough. I know, I know, makers and coke is pretty shitty, I just like it sometimes.
Sunday: We went and got Dim Sum & Ranch 99 in Monterey Park, then played cards at Conor House. I then went to a haunted house in someone's back yard in Burbank.
Monday: I dicked around watching TV till Adam came back from San Diego and then we drove up.

Food Journal 9

Nothing really too exciting in terms of what I ate. I had dim sum for the first time. It was alright. There was a bunch of stuff I didn't touch, like the blood cubes, chicken feet, and some other stuff. That stuff kind of slows me down.

I googled "blood orange bourbon cocktail" and found a nice recipe involving mints. I don't think it's blood orange season so I substituted navel oranges. We had company and served them that and they liked it some. It's nice having a shaker cause making drinks is like a few minutes snap.

*Uh, I don't know if my grammar is so awesome. I'm actually typing like I talk and I talk really fast and sometimes when I'm talking I do skip over certain words.

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