Monday, October 19, 2009

Food Journal

Food Journal 8
Wednesday the 7th to Thursday the 15th.
Pretty much our oven got busted, so we have to either eat out or eat stuff on the stove top and remember to turn off the gas. We get a new oven in about two more weeks. Kind of sucks but it's the way it is.

This particular week in my journal is kind of boring cause I have to get back into the studio and go full on work mode and I don't really have time to go out and eat. My current sleeping pattern runs from 6 or 7 in the morning to 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Marci works late on Friday and Saturday and doesn't get home till 3:30 or 4, so I stay up till then to make sure she gets home safe. And that schedule sort of just went that way for all the other days of the week. So working between 4pm till 7 am is kind of weird and pretty much means I have to make something for myself for lunch around 2 in the morning, which this week meant either sandwich, cake or orange.

So yeah. A lot of breaded things. On the 15th I ate a burrito for the first time since the 21st of September, which really doesn't count cause that was from Rubio's. Berkeley strangely has no Mexican food, but a lot of Thai places. Like a lot.

I've been maintaining a compost box, so each morning I put stuff in from making coffee, to eating my morning banana, to my afternoon orange and then the bad ends of cut up vegetables from when Marci's cooking. Pretty much all we put in is orange & banana peels, greens that went bad, old bread, egg shells, and coffee grounds. We don't have enough dry yard waste around. Our backyard just has a giant fucking sequoia, and it's leaves are acidic and are not good for compost, so I have to pick up a few leaves here and there on the way home. It's good to have a pretty good balance of wet and dry items. But I found out you can put paper in, so I threw in the unbleached coffee filters instead of just throwing them away. I worried that there were to many of the sames things in the compost, but it's compost, and it's kind of fun seeing stuff disappear over a few weeks. I took a shovel and shifted out all the rocks. It's kind of weird, cause I thought we'd have all this soil, but there isn't much after I got rid of all the rocks. Hopefully the compost will be ready in a few months when spring rolls around.

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