Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Food Journal

Of Note:
Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe- I've heard about this place for really long time. We stuck with the basics, which was the tri-tip sandwich with pineapple and a mango smoothie. The tri-tip was awesome, and the smoothie was like drinking a whole mango.
Yellow Brick Cafe- Uh, I don't know if I'd recommend this place. It took us three trips to eat here cause they kept on closing early. It's a Donut/Khmer BBQ place. It took awhile to order, they had to heat stuff up, and their fryer wasn't on so half the menu was closed to us. The thing about the fryer, is that they could turn it on, but it takes 10 minutes to start it up, and 10 more minutes to cook the food. So she tells us this and Marci's not into waiting so we get some other stuff. Then a few minutes later some other dude comes in and is like I'd like some fried chicken, but then she tells him the same thing, which is, it takes 10 minutes to start the fryer and 10 minutes to cook your food, and then he goes for donuts instead. Uh, but if she just had the fryer on continuously she probably could have cooked some of the stuff on the menu instead of just heating up some kabobs and canned vegetables. I don't know, Marci wanted to go here. My mom pretty much cooks most of this stuff, but kind of better. So as an adult I don't really go out to eat at Chinese or Cambodian restaurants, cause I had all that food for like 18 years.
Ellendale Oranges- This is another orange I get from Riversun. They're from Australia. It has an oblate shape, is quite juicy and has a really good Orange-Red-ish color to it. Pretty much after finding Minneola Tangelos and Ellendales, I'm trying to figure out the varieties of oranges so I don't ever pick out the ones that are kind of shitty. Where the juice feels like orange flavor water, and there's a lot of pulp to eat through.

A Brief Side Note
: I got Minneola's from Peru, and they were alright. They probably weren't as fresh as the ones from Australia. But I put all the produce stickers of the fruit I eat on the inside cover of my food journal, and I noticed that they had the same 4 digit produce code as the ones from Australia, 4383. So I figured that was the code for all Minneolas, no matter where they came from. But I noticed that the Mango code is 4311, but another was 94311. So I looked up why that is: If you get a fruit with a produce code that has 5 digits it's either organic (9 being the first digit) or genetically modified (8 being the first digit), so 84311 would be a genetically modified mango (which I actually really don't know if that exists) and 94311 would be organic, and 4311 would be kind of normal. I know. No one cares.

Natural Brew Vanilla Creme- My new soda of choice, which I get at the local produce on Shattuck.
Uh, I also picked up this weird clear German Cola at a convenient store on Shattuck downtown:
german cola

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