Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Journal


Of Note-
Saul's Deli. Jewish Deli, The Pastrami is amazing, and they have homemade soda. I like Saul's more than I liked Cantor's or Junior's in LA.
Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Uh, I get it cause the cap makes the bottle look like a grenade. My friend was homesick in Hong Kong and the only thing he could find that he missed from home was Bundaberg.
Mineola Tangelo Oranges. Pretty much I started eating fruits cause the only greens I saw in my diet were salads that went with meals. These oranges are a cross between grapfruit and tangerines, they have the aftertaste of a tangerine. They have a more reddish color tone to then, so I picked them up along with some navel oranges. They were really ripe when I got them so I put them in the fridge, but it feels like drinking orange juice when you're eating them, so I've just been putting them in the fridge since I bought my first batch.
Gregoire. It's kind of a fancy place, but there's no where really to sit. But the lunch menu is decently priced. I got a really awesome leg of lamb sandwich and we shared these deep fried potato balls there.

It's It Ice Cream. A San Francisco Original, from the old Playland by the Sea days. Normally you get them for $1.25-$1.50 at a corner store, but a box that carries 3 is on sale right now till the 6th of October for $2.99 at the Safeway. Oh, the ice really looks like this.
Amanda's. It's kind of pricey for a burger joint, but it's a healthy fast food alternative. I got a burger, baked sweet potato fries and a homemade cola for about $9. It's really clean. If you're hanging out with someone vegan you can take them there.

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Anna M. said...

damn.its its. I can't find that any where in L.A. :(