Friday, October 9, 2009

Finished Another Piece

In Cave
I'm sending this down to LA for that show at the Japanese American National Museum. I have 10 pieces in that show. Two of them is this size, which is 30" x 40" (inches).


Uh, Someone asked if I got the idea from the new Harry Potter, I didn't but I can see that. It could come from seeing drawings of the Hobbit, or that episode on caves on Planet Earth, or the fact I collect cave postcards, which I referenced while drawing this down.

I haven't really been painting since about May or so. I try to ease up a little during the summer on work. Mostly just stick to drawing and such. There's never really a time when that gets shut off, but it's always kind of hard getting back into painting. Or at least for me. It's a lot of time to be by myself, and I kind of don't like it. And I can't shut stuff down without finishing things. Pretty much I end up working a lot. Like about 14 hours, for a week straight, and then I begin the eat badly, or not eat at all. I'm kind of glad I started drawing the things I eat to remind myself to at least eat twice a day.

But yeah.

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