Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beer Cozies

I made beer cozies again. You can get them here for $3. I know it's kind of weird for me to make something like this. The first time I made them was last year (this was it, and with my economic stimulus check), and yeah, I gave most of them away to friends. Actually, although I broke more than even the first time around I never really thought I'd make them again. It's a lot of work for such little profits, which is something I have to think about when I do stuff like this. For the most part no one really wants beer cozies, although among some of my friends it's something that they are really into, but I think it's probably cause they party more than most.

But yeah. I think they're pretty funny items, and the people who make them do a really good job at silk-screening them. If you're interested, I wouldn't suggest using black, cause the quality of the foam doesn't look as good, and I think they have to silkscreen twice so the ink looks like puff paint. I got Neon Blue, so hopefully they won't get as dirty as the last ones did.


bentonight said...

I use my cozy all the time. I used it last night.

Oakland Pete said...

Yeah. We got white printed on black and the foam isn't as quality as your "I See It All" surfer cozies. The white ink is super-puffy, which I can dig.