Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Stuff

We're just getting settled after our move, and now I'm going through and framing/un-framing stuff. After you've seen something like everyday for 5-6 years you get kind of sick of it. Sometimes the stuff in the bedroom is kind of the hardest stuff cause you'd wake up to it. We had a print Marci had to take down cause it was making her anxious in the morning. It was of three sea giants destroying a ship and eating people. It was this. We replaced it with this. Which we don't have up yet, but I think in our new place we're not going to have anything up in our bedroom. That and it's a a-frame room. Actually, what I really like about our place is that it's designed way better than our old place, so the way the place is laid out you really don't need that much art up. Our old place was pretty spacious, but it was box shaped, so there was a lot of wall space. You had to put something there or else it'd look weird. I don't know. I'm sorry this is a pretty dull post. But yeah. This is what's going on.

Guiding Stars for Lost Soldiers
Today I framed this print, which is actually just a ripped out WWII pamphlet called "Guiding Stars for Lost Soldiers". There's 8 illustrations total, but it's double sided. I decided to use the side with the Big Dipper, cause southern hemisphere constellations are kind of dull. I got the frame at Utrecht for about $16, which was more than what I got for the print. I don't know why, but framers always put backing that are acidic in their frames, so I had to get mat board as well. So to frame this print, it was like, $19.

Oh, yeah. totally exciting. The other print I framed today is this. We put it in the kitchen. It strangely matches with everything.

Tomorrow I'm framing this Sam Handleman print. We love Sam's work, but yeah. I wish print teachers would emphasize more to students the benefits of making prints in standard sizes for standard size frames, cause it has a lot of paper and it's two inches too big for 16x20, but it'll be a lot of white for 18x24. We're saving his print for an old frame with a really nice ornamental border around it. BTW, Sam's a undergrad at CCA, and we get his prints when we make it out for the school craft fair.

Yeah. In other news I went grocery shopping at the Safeway. I think things are cheaper in Berkeley than they are in Oakland. Or this Safeway is just better stocked. I went out and bought stuff for 4 meals: hot dogs, pork chops with brussels sprouts and mash, pre-made oven pizza, and sandwich stuff. I got 4 small pork chops for less than 4 dollars, the sprouts cost more than the chops. The meal including the mash probably came out to $2.00 per serving, and it was enough for 4 (but I didn't factor in the rosemary, and we already had potatoes). Our hot dog lunch came out to about $2.65, but yeah, we already had the condiments. Sandwiches were actually the most expensive, cause of the sandwich meat, the cheese, the bread, and tomatoes were pretty expensive. It came out to about $3. the pre-made pizza was on sale for $2.50, and Marci made a salad to go with it. That was about $2 per person.

Yeah, this is what I think about.

Uh, there's a farmers market nearby. Apparently there's two, one on Thursday and another on Saturday. There's also a produce market that has some decent prices. I got this there:

I don't really like coconut juice. I got it for Marci, but I really just got it cause it reminded me of a snow globe.

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