Monday, September 21, 2009

Off the Charts

I finally got this DVD back. I let someone borrow, then I picked it up from said person, left it in a friend's car, that friend's car got into a minor accident where i think you couldn't open the door, went to Kern County to my friend's parents house, they cleaned out the car, so it was like in some garage for a while. Eventually my friend thought he had given it back to me because it had been so long. You see, the list doesn't help out with instances like this. But yeah. Rob called his mom, she found it, and I guess she watched it twice, so when he got it, he watched it twice and liked it, and then he came by a dropped it off cause he just happened to be in Berkeley. I mean, it really wasn't a big deal, cause you get the DVD used on Amazon for like $4. But, it was nice that he went through all the troubles of getting me back my DVD.


"historical honeys".

Uh, for a pretty strange documentary that we haven't seen in years there's a lot of random things in it that are still in our everyday vocabulary.

BTW, Omar Lee did the design/illustration for the film, which is the reason why I know about this.

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