Monday, September 21, 2009

Batman Credit

Marci got a Batman credit card off of Ebay. She couldn't sleep one night, and was looking up interviews of Pee Wee and came across this clip where he pulls out a Batman Credit Card (3:27):

Batman Credit Card
Usually you can get one for $20, but if you spend an extra $5 you can get one with Adam West's signature. But Marci didn't want one with his signature cause she wanted to sign her own credit card and pull it out when ever someone asks if she has a credit card. Like at a car rental place.

Uh, Marci's 29, and I'm 30, and neither of us own a credit card. It's not like we're going to buy a house anytime soon or a car. I don't know. I don't drive. But the only time we needed a credit card was when we tried renting a car in New York last year and got denied cause they didn't take bank cards with CC logos, so we were like screwed. But then we just got a train to Providence.

So yeah.


Anna M. said...

You two are awesome!!!

Psyched and Such said...

I don't have a credit card either. I just don't really understand the concept of spending money I don't have.

Jamie said...

Why isn't the Batman Credit Card Company in Gotham? I mean seriously, c'mon...