Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here's a Press Release for an art project Marci's getting involved with in October.

Press Release: Passport 2009
Posted on September 26th, 2009

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Meg Shiffler, SFAC Gallery Director
(t) 415.554.6080 (e)
Photos available on request.


A new annual event celebrating Bay Area artists
and San Francisco’s vibrant neighborhoods.

San Francisco, CA, August 13, 2009 – On October 23 & 24, 2009, the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery (SFAC Gallery) inaugurates Passport, an annual event that invites the public to stroll through one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods to create their own limited edition art book by collecting “passport stamps” made by local artists.
For Passport 2009 SFAC Gallery has commissioned more than a dozen Bay Area artists—including Libby Black, Veronica de Jesus, Maria Forde, Maria Porges, Andrew Schoultz, and Marci Washington—to each create their own version of a passport stamp. Participants purchase a passport booklet, (featuring a cover-design created by artist Tucker Nichols specifically for this project,) and then follow a map to various neighborhood locations where they can collect artist-made stamps. Passport 2009 will take place in San Francisco’s Mission District, celebrating its longstanding status as the hub of the city’s art community. After a day spent discovering some of the brightest spots of this lively neighborhood, each passport holder will have a limited-edition book with original artwork from some of San Francisco’s finest artists, both established and emerging.
Passport 2009 begins the evening of Friday, October 23, with a kick-off party at The Polish Club, featuring passport pre-sales, live music, libations, and a raffle. The following day, on Saturday, October 24, the event convenes at the Mission Playground public park, which will serve as Passport 2009 home base between the hours of noon and 4pm. During that time, participants can stop by to pick up a map, purchase a passport, or bring family and friends to relax on the lawn and enjoy a hot dog and soda while mingling with other Passport 2009 revelers.
“We’re very excited to announce this new event for the Bay Area art community, which is sure to become a highly anticipated annual tradition,” states SFAC Gallery Director Meg Shiffler. “The artists’ creativity combined with strong neighborhood spirit will no doubt make for a fun adventure for everyone who participates.”
Passports may be purchased in advance for $25 and are available starting September 15 at the SFAC Gallery, Electric Works, Silverman Gallery, and at the Passport 2009 kick-off party on October 23. On the day of the event, passports may be purchased at the Mission Playground home base. Only official Passport 2009 booklets will be eligible to receive stamps. For information about the event visit, e-mail, or call 415.554.6080.

Passport 2009 is organized by the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. Proceeds from the event go toward the SFAC Gallery’s Programming Fund, which supports artist honoraria and exhibition costs.

Passport 2009 Kick-Off Party
Friday, October 23, 7–10 p.m.
The Polish Club, 3040 22nd Street, San Francisco
$5 suggested donation at the door; free for passport holders.

At the Passport 2009 kick-off party, guests can pre-purchase passport books, enjoy drinks, get down to live music and enter to win raffle prizes from community partners. San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will provide free valet bike parking at the event.

Passport 2009
Saturday, October 24, noon–4 p.m.
Passport 2009 home base: Mission Playground, Valencia between 19th & 20th.
Stamps located at various locations in the Mission District, San Francisco

Visit favorite spots in the Mission District or discover new ones while collecting original stamps created by Bay Area artists for Passport 2009. Stop by Passport 2009 home base at Mission Playground to purchase a passport, pick up a map of locations, learn more about the SFAC Gallery, or relax and enjoy $1 hot dogs in the park with the whole family. Participating artists include Libby Black, Veronica de Jesus, Maria Forde, Maria Porges, Andrew Schoultz, and Marci Washington, among others.

Information and Passport Purchase
Passports are $25. They will be available starting September 15 at locations including the SFAC Gallery, Electric Works Gallery, Silverman Gallery, Rare Device and at the Passport 2009 kick-off party. Passports may also be purchased the day of the event, at Passport 2009 home base, located at the Mission Playground, (enter on Valencia between 19th & 20th).

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
401 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
t: 415.554.6080
f: 415.554.6093

About San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Civic Center, the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery makes contemporary art accessible to broad audiences through curated exhibitions that both reflect our regional diversity and position Bay Area visual art production within an international contemporary art landscape. By commissioning new works, collaborating with arts and community organizations and supporting artist’s projects, the SFAC Gallery’s programs provide new and challenging opportunities for contemporary art to engage with a civic dialogue. The SFAC Gallery was founded in 1970 and is the exhibitions program of the San Francisco Arts Commission, the arts agency of the City and County of San Francisco.
The San Francisco Arts Commission
The San Francisco Arts Commission is the City agency that champions the arts in San Francisco. We believe that a creative cultural environment is essential to the City’s well-being. Our programs integrate the arts into all aspects of City life. The Commission was established by charter in 1932 (Charter sections 5.103 and 16.106).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Food Journal

food journal 1
I started a food journal a month ago. Mostly to see if I could stay on top of something like that. The last time I did something like this, whas when I was 24. That lasted about month, but it got kind of boring the stuff I drew cause it was pretty much, hot dog, hot dog, soda, cheez-its, hot, soda, bread.

food journal 2
My friend Rob, who's a dietician says this is what they they tell some people to do so they can know what they're putting in their body. Uh, for me, it was like, I got bored drawing burritos and hot pockets cause they looked pretty much the same so I tried eating more interesting stuff to draw. I don't eat tortilla chips anymore cause they're not fun to draw.

food journal 3
I'm drawing in one of those Moleskin sketchbooks, so it'll last until Christmas at the rate I'm eating. My dietician friend wants me to make a zine of this, but I think he'd be the only one interested in it.

food journal 4

food journal 5

Monday, September 21, 2009

New BTS Album this October

Pretty exciting. There's a preview of songs here.

Batman Credit

Marci got a Batman credit card off of Ebay. She couldn't sleep one night, and was looking up interviews of Pee Wee and came across this clip where he pulls out a Batman Credit Card (3:27):

Batman Credit Card
Usually you can get one for $20, but if you spend an extra $5 you can get one with Adam West's signature. But Marci didn't want one with his signature cause she wanted to sign her own credit card and pull it out when ever someone asks if she has a credit card. Like at a car rental place.

Uh, Marci's 29, and I'm 30, and neither of us own a credit card. It's not like we're going to buy a house anytime soon or a car. I don't know. I don't drive. But the only time we needed a credit card was when we tried renting a car in New York last year and got denied cause they didn't take bank cards with CC logos, so we were like screwed. But then we just got a train to Providence.

So yeah.

Off the Charts

I finally got this DVD back. I let someone borrow, then I picked it up from said person, left it in a friend's car, that friend's car got into a minor accident where i think you couldn't open the door, went to Kern County to my friend's parents house, they cleaned out the car, so it was like in some garage for a while. Eventually my friend thought he had given it back to me because it had been so long. You see, the list doesn't help out with instances like this. But yeah. Rob called his mom, she found it, and I guess she watched it twice, so when he got it, he watched it twice and liked it, and then he came by a dropped it off cause he just happened to be in Berkeley. I mean, it really wasn't a big deal, cause you get the DVD used on Amazon for like $4. But, it was nice that he went through all the troubles of getting me back my DVD.


"historical honeys".

Uh, for a pretty strange documentary that we haven't seen in years there's a lot of random things in it that are still in our everyday vocabulary.

BTW, Omar Lee did the design/illustration for the film, which is the reason why I know about this.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We just moved to Berkeley. It's actually kind of weird, cause about two months ago we weren't thinking about moving anytime soon at all. We've been wanting to move east, but yeah. Uh, our lives are kind of entrenched in the Bay Area right now. But yeah, our friends were moving to Sweden and so their place came up and they asked if we wanted it. It's a really sweet situation cause there's a studio in the backyard and the rent's just a little more than our old place in Oakland.

Uh, it's only about 3 1/2 miles from our old place but it's kind of a different world. Everyone's really nice, uh, random people try starting small talk with me where ever I go, like at the post office or at the grocery store. Generally, anytime any stranger wants to talk to me it's either a crazy guy or some guy wanting change so I just have that focused look so it's kind of hard thing to break. Also in Oakland, you're not suppose to look people in the eye. I never really thought that was weird, I just thought that was just city living, but I met up with a pen pal from New Zealand in San Francisco, and her and her boyfriend at the time were blown away by the fact that people didn't do that, or that they didn't say hi to the folks that walk by them. I mean, I still don't look strangers in the eye while passing them by, it's just kind of weird.

Oh, another thing I like about Berkeley, is that when you walk by houses you can see bookshelves with a ton of used books in them instead of just records, or a large TV, or a random knife collection. And there's a lot of bookstores close by. I took Marci to Serendipity Books on University. It's really old fashioned, there's little organization, and there's stacks of books everywhere and most of it's just old literature. It's so amazing if you're looking for beautiful old books. Marci got a book set by the Bronte sisters for $20, and the illustrations in it weren't reproductions of lithographs, but were actual lithographs.

Marci's putting together a shelf of her favorite books.

When we were unloading books, Marci realized she didn't have some of her favorite books anymore cause she'd lent them out and then didn't know who she lent them out to. So she's trying to buy all her favorite books back. Another place she's going to is "Half Price Books", which sounds kind of shitty, but if you're there long enough you can find something. It's right next to Comic Relief. I've been waiting for certain comics to come out so when we're downtown I'd go into the comic shop to see if they have it while Marci will go to Half Price, and I'd end up not getting anything, and Marci would come out with two books at least. But, yeah. We should probably avoid that block.


We moved to Berkeley.
Living Room.

Our kitchen is 1/3 the size of our old place, but some how 3x more efficient.

The shelving is pretty non-earthquake safe. The Hayward Fault Line goes straight through Berkeley, and cuts right into Cal's Memorial Stadium. In 1923 they knew this, and built the stadium in two separate halves, with a short distance between the two (I forget if it was foot or a yard). Well, that was in 1923, so in the early 2000s you can see how the earth shifted cause one side of the stadium was noticeably higher than the other. They've been trying to renovate the Stadium cause if an earthquake should hit, it would kind of suck.

So yeah, it wouldn't be so awesome if you're in our kitchen during the earthquake. I've never been through a big earthquake, I just felt the aftershocks cause I lived in San Diego when the '89 one hit the Bay Area and the '94 one hit Northridge. I kind of don't know where the worst place would be if a big earthquake should hit, it's either the bottom part of the Bay Bridge, the BART Tunnel, or San Francisco's eastern waterfront.

Our new studio is pretty sweet.

Yeah, pretty sweet. I'm still trying to make it work. I didn't have any shows during the summer so I haven't really sat down and worked until tonight. These photos are from the 8th, so the studio isn't as cluttered as this.

Yes, yes. Marci's tending a front garden and she also has an herb garden in the backyard. She planted chili peppers, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, and some other stuff. Marci always wondered why Brendan had all these sticks in his garden sticking up, but she soon figured it out: they kept the cats from pooping in his garden. She's looking for a gardening book specifically for the bay area called, "Strawberries in November". We're going to try and see if we can find it in a used bookstore.

Uh, I've been working on maintaining a compost box for Marci to use for the garden. I usually am up early to make coffee, so I put the grounds in there, and sometimes if I'm dicing up greens I put a little of that in. I'm trying to follow this guideline of what you're suppose to do in order to get good compost that Brendan left in an e-mail, making sure the acidic pine needles from the redwood don't get into the box, not putting in stuff that doesn't break down easily, and making sure it's half dry and half wet. I'm also getting out a shovel and making sure stuff gets mixed up a bunch. yeah.

It's weird cause we get all our advice from Brendan through e-mails. It's kind of funny taking over an apartment from a friend. He's given Marci advice on gardening and me advice on where to get stuff in his neighborhood.

There's also CAT WARS cause there's like 7 cats in this house and the whole neighborhood is full of cats. So at night there's a lot of yowling, and you see a lot of random cat bullying. There's two main bullies and it smells like cat wazz behind the studio. The neighborhood cats are all kind of funny. There's an abyssinian who's best friend is an old battle worn black cat with a cut in it's ear. They like hang out in the neighborhood together and ask for pets at the same time. It's just funny cause abyssinians are like rare breeds, they're like $1000 if you were to buy one, and here's this abyssinian hanging out with a black cat for a best friend. I know they're animals and they don't care who they hang out with, but black cats are like the most unwanted animals cause of all the stigma behind them. they're the least like to get adopted at shelters and they're the most likely to have harm done to them cause people don't like them, and think they are evil or give out bad luck. There's an orange cat across the way that Thor looks out to, and Penelope shares a starring contest with Sweet Pea who's trying to get into our house cause he got in once and likes the front room a lot.

Yeah, there are more photos, I might update this post with them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Cat Piano

The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo.

It's a weird piece of animation, but it's narrated by Nick Cave.

Framed Sam's Print.

Some Stuff

We're just getting settled after our move, and now I'm going through and framing/un-framing stuff. After you've seen something like everyday for 5-6 years you get kind of sick of it. Sometimes the stuff in the bedroom is kind of the hardest stuff cause you'd wake up to it. We had a print Marci had to take down cause it was making her anxious in the morning. It was of three sea giants destroying a ship and eating people. It was this. We replaced it with this. Which we don't have up yet, but I think in our new place we're not going to have anything up in our bedroom. That and it's a a-frame room. Actually, what I really like about our place is that it's designed way better than our old place, so the way the place is laid out you really don't need that much art up. Our old place was pretty spacious, but it was box shaped, so there was a lot of wall space. You had to put something there or else it'd look weird. I don't know. I'm sorry this is a pretty dull post. But yeah. This is what's going on.

Guiding Stars for Lost Soldiers
Today I framed this print, which is actually just a ripped out WWII pamphlet called "Guiding Stars for Lost Soldiers". There's 8 illustrations total, but it's double sided. I decided to use the side with the Big Dipper, cause southern hemisphere constellations are kind of dull. I got the frame at Utrecht for about $16, which was more than what I got for the print. I don't know why, but framers always put backing that are acidic in their frames, so I had to get mat board as well. So to frame this print, it was like, $19.

Oh, yeah. totally exciting. The other print I framed today is this. We put it in the kitchen. It strangely matches with everything.

Tomorrow I'm framing this Sam Handleman print. We love Sam's work, but yeah. I wish print teachers would emphasize more to students the benefits of making prints in standard sizes for standard size frames, cause it has a lot of paper and it's two inches too big for 16x20, but it'll be a lot of white for 18x24. We're saving his print for an old frame with a really nice ornamental border around it. BTW, Sam's a undergrad at CCA, and we get his prints when we make it out for the school craft fair.

Yeah. In other news I went grocery shopping at the Safeway. I think things are cheaper in Berkeley than they are in Oakland. Or this Safeway is just better stocked. I went out and bought stuff for 4 meals: hot dogs, pork chops with brussels sprouts and mash, pre-made oven pizza, and sandwich stuff. I got 4 small pork chops for less than 4 dollars, the sprouts cost more than the chops. The meal including the mash probably came out to $2.00 per serving, and it was enough for 4 (but I didn't factor in the rosemary, and we already had potatoes). Our hot dog lunch came out to about $2.65, but yeah, we already had the condiments. Sandwiches were actually the most expensive, cause of the sandwich meat, the cheese, the bread, and tomatoes were pretty expensive. It came out to about $3. the pre-made pizza was on sale for $2.50, and Marci made a salad to go with it. That was about $2 per person.

Yeah, this is what I think about.

Uh, there's a farmers market nearby. Apparently there's two, one on Thursday and another on Saturday. There's also a produce market that has some decent prices. I got this there:

I don't really like coconut juice. I got it for Marci, but I really just got it cause it reminded me of a snow globe.