Friday, August 28, 2009

Yeah, yeah.

I found this gif on the NASA website of the phases of the Moon seen from Earth. I never really thought too much of why we get to see only one side of the Moon. I guess just thought the Moon didn't rotate on it's axis while it rotated around the Earth, but I wasn't so sure. Well, then I just looked it up, and it does, it just rotates around it's axis at the same rate it takes to rotate around the Earth so we always see the same side of the moon. My source also said other moons in the solar system do the same thing, or are slowing down to doing the same thing.

But yeah. I still couldn't picture it, and it kept me up for a few night, so I looked it up a video demonstration and found this:

Yeah, strange. According to this video the Earth will be doing the same thing to the Sun.

Yeah. I don't know. This has kept me up for the past week, and for some strange reason I can't go to sleep right now unless I put it up here cause I just read an article on some suicide planet. The planet is 10x bigger than Jupiter (Jupiter is 100x bigger than Earth), and it's affect on it's star is like what the Moon to Earth's tidal wave. Only greater. "The star's tidal bulge of plasma may extend hundreds of miles".

Yeah. The and the only reason why I'm thinking about this too is cause I just saw a trailer for Ponyo and in it, it looks like the bad guy is like bringing the Moon closer to the Earth to bring mass destruction.

Uh. I'm really sorry. I drank a bunch of Chock Full of Nuts.

Chock Full of Nuts isn't really the best, but it's the most caffeinated. Marci used to get it at Trader Joe's until they stopped carrying it around 2005. She actually stopped drinking it cause it was too much. I think she only started drinking Chock Full of Nuts cause they dranked it on News Radio.

Okay, that's all that's in my head, now I can go to sleep.


Junkyard Sam said...

Ha! I used to drink Chock Full o' Nuts - I need to see if I can find it again, though I've never seen it sold as whole beans...

I bought it because I found the cool retro labeling to be so appealing! They have a neat website, too.

The coffee itself wasn't bad but I don't recall it being remarkable... but if I can find it I'm going to switch back to it!

It's cool to get coffee in a can.

Junkyard Sam said...

Wow! Sorry to spam with another comment, but I looked up Chock Full o' Nuts and it turns out it's a big famous New York brand and they even have actual Chock Full o' Nuts coffee shops in New York and New Jersey!

I listened to their jingle on the website... and either Chock Full o' Nuts is a really cool retro thing or else having kids and getting into my thirties has just turned me into a "generic adult" and that's why it's appealing to me.

oh oh.

Deth said...

I think i have one small can left of chock full of nuts. i bought three in 2006, and one small can has been in our freezer ever since. i gave one to a friend, who tried it, and said it was like crack. he gave it to a friend on the pantera message board for a trade or something. i break out the chock full of nuts i have left at times when i especially need to be super caffeinated, which isn't that often, pretty much for early flights in the morning.