Saturday, July 25, 2009

Throwing Stuff Out

Uh, we're moving, so I'm going through stuff and throwing things out. I started with our office/closet and went through old prints & electronics, and half empty boxes. We have a VCR, and I don't know whether to throw it away or keep it in case we want to see the two Video Cassettes we own. One is called "Under the Influence" which is a cop video with Marci's mom in it when she was in CHP back in the 80s, and the other is a music video Marci made with her sister set to Phantom of the Opera. I mean, yeah. You really can't throw that kind of stuff away.

I have a bunch of books and magazines that I want to go through too. Some of the magazines I don't really know why I keep and one of them is Art on Paper. So I'm going through it and I'm finding all the images I like from people I don't know so I can throw the magazines into recycling.

Matthew Brannon
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
James Casebere
Tacita Dean
Kota Ezawa
Walton Ford
Funny Cat Photo
Ilana Halperin
Robert Longo
Mark Mulroney
Michael Wolf


Nancy said...

Hm, I'll take the VCR if you kids don't want it. I have some Smurf movies that need watchin'.

Deth said...

okay, yeah, you can have it. e-mail me for our address.