Friday, July 17, 2009

Some Cat Names

In No Particular Order:

1. Cheeto - Myleen. Photo poached from here.

2. Jalapeño - Brendan and Evah.

3. Sebastian - Best Cat Ever.

4. Cat Buddy - David in the City.
5. Tuna Rocket - Marci's framer in Marin.
6. R2 - Marci's friend Melanie's cat. I think he talked a lot.
7. Mike - Another of Melanie's cats. He pretty much looked like a "Mike".
8. Soda Cat - !
9 & 10. Nook and Moose - PVD. They are brothers.

sir francis
11. Sir Francis - Brooklyn. We staying with Daniel St. George when he was cat-sitting this abyssinian. He talked like a robot and was really into flushed toilets.

12. The Ombledroom - At the Edward Gorey House in Cape Cod.

13. Roosephine - Tommy Busch's tough guy/street bully cat.
14 & 15. Winston and Scarlett - Dawn and Adam.
16. Floofer - Not his real name. Marci just gave it to him cause he's big and floofy and he lives in the neighborhood. My favorite neighborhood cat is the bite-y one. He comes out and asks for pets and if you pet him long enough he'll go for a nibble. Like a vampire.

17. Thor - Well, I did name him.
18. Cosmic Creepers - Kind of doesn't count.


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Tim said...

Fred and Cydney were my two cats. If I were to get another one, which is highly unlikely since everyone in the family but me seems to be allergic, I think I'd name it Mieze (kinda rhymes with Pizza but with a german accent). I've liked that name ever since I saw Berlin Alexanderplatz back in the 80s.