Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moomin Light

My friend in Japan is hopefully going to get me this light I've been looking to find for the past two years or whatever. It's like $10. It changes to different colors. I could never find it online, but yeah. He found it in like 4 minutes while we were chatting on Google. He wants me to send him Red Hots and YST cigarettes in exchange.

Yeah, the double dildo light is kind of weird.


emma assin said...

Deth said...

oh, yeah. the reason why i could never find it was cause i thought it was a nightlight. that and i didn't know it changed colors.

Camilla said...

Oh this is just leading me into temptation before I head off to Finland- i'm starting to worry that i'll bring back an extra case full of Moomin stuff.