Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fluffernutter Sandwich


Shea sent us a jar of Fluff from the East cause they don't sell Fluff in California. When we were in Rhode Island last year, I remember sitting in the back of her car when she was talking about it and being totally confused about what a Fluffernutter sandwich was cause I missed the part about the Fluff.


I found an instructional video online on how to make a Fluffernutter sandwich. It's just white bread, a smooth peanut butter. They recommended Wonderbread, and Skippy's, but I went to Trader Joes and they don't have that there. A friend told me I should use Nutella, but I kind of hate Nutella. It tastes alright, but I hate how when I was younger kids would go off to Europe and come back and talk about how great Nutella was and how they had it on everything, and now they have to have it on everything, but it's Nutella. You can get that at any grocery store or Italia themed deli, or at the Liquor Store. They just wanted to talk about how they were in Europe eating some foreign food, which isn't that foreign, cause it was probably from some crepe stand that they went to cause the restaurants were too intimidating. I know, they probably just wanted to bond over some food item and I'm just being an asshole. But stuff like that sort of happens.

Like how I don't like Pavement cause when I was a kid some asshole told me the Silver Jews sucked cause they were just a Pavement side project. Or how I don't like Jeffrey Brown comics cause one of his characters puts down Doug Martsch's writing ability. The character even took it back, but that not something you should even be fucking joking about.

Yeah, WTF.

fluffernutter sandwich
Uh, yeah. I ate my sandwich.
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