Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moomin Light

My friend in Japan is hopefully going to get me this light I've been looking to find for the past two years or whatever. It's like $10. It changes to different colors. I could never find it online, but yeah. He found it in like 4 minutes while we were chatting on Google. He wants me to send him Red Hots and YST cigarettes in exchange.

Yeah, the double dildo light is kind of weird.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mark McKnight

Mark McKnight is in a pretty good group photo show on the Ground Floor of City Hall that's still up right now.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Throwing Stuff Out

Uh, we're moving, so I'm going through stuff and throwing things out. I started with our office/closet and went through old prints & electronics, and half empty boxes. We have a VCR, and I don't know whether to throw it away or keep it in case we want to see the two Video Cassettes we own. One is called "Under the Influence" which is a cop video with Marci's mom in it when she was in CHP back in the 80s, and the other is a music video Marci made with her sister set to Phantom of the Opera. I mean, yeah. You really can't throw that kind of stuff away.

I have a bunch of books and magazines that I want to go through too. Some of the magazines I don't really know why I keep and one of them is Art on Paper. So I'm going through it and I'm finding all the images I like from people I don't know so I can throw the magazines into recycling.

Matthew Brannon
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
James Casebere
Tacita Dean
Kota Ezawa
Walton Ford
Funny Cat Photo
Ilana Halperin
Robert Longo
Mark Mulroney
Michael Wolf

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ben Belknap

Ben Belknap
Congrats to Ben.

Mounties Winter/Summer Dress

I got this in the thrift shop in Sutter Creek.

Star Trek

Glow in the Dark Paint

Right now I'm putting down layers of glow-in-the-dark paint. I've been trying to fool around with it for a while, but it's kind of hard without it looking cheesy. My friends used to have a glow-in-the-dark footballs so we could play sports at night. If the football lost it's luminosity we'd take it in and put it next to a lamp for a few minutes. It helped whenever the ball would bounce underneath a car or something. What made them so luminous was that they weren't painted phosphorescent green, but were made with phosphorescent green acrylic. So I figure if you put down enough phosphorescent green acrylic paint on a panel it'll have the same effect.

The problem with glow in the dark paint is that it's so thin that there's not enough phosphorescent pigment to make the glow in the dark parts well illuminated, so you have to coat a bunch of it. Like there's certain brush marks where darker pigments from other paints can be seen through the glow in the dark paint. So I figure, if you put down a white ground, and then put the glow in the dark paint, and then a line drawing, there's no darker paint going through that would break up the luminosity of the painting. I think people usually don't want to use too much of it, cause, it's not something you really use. So they use it as highlights. But if you put something like that last, you have to put a lot of it before if could be luminant for it to matter. Another this that if you use it as highlights, when you turn off the light, and you see is highlight brush marks or random shapes, It just doesn't work as painting when it's in the dark.

Okay, so while I'm working on this stuff, there are a few things that come up with friends. Uh, "Why?" is the first one, and the answer is, "Just cause", and the second is "How would I show a painting like that?". Well, I wouldn't really want to point out something like that, cause the luminosity of phosphorescent green is about 10 minutes, so you can't just put a painting in the dark room. But yeah, there is that few minutes right after you turn off the lights and you notice that the painting is still illuminated.

I mean none of this stuff is really ground breaking, it's probably somewhere in a book, and just now I figured it out cause I decided to fumble around without reading anything. It says right on the bottle, "thicker application yields longer glow time". Uh, the other day I was telling a friend how I was figuring out ways to score more with Scabble: playing well with "S"s to score double words, knowing the "Q" words you don't need "U" with, etc. Then my friend said all that stuff was in the instruction guide under "helpful hints".

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Yeah. Marci's out of town camping with her dad, so I'm just dicking around looking up documentaries to watch while drawing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Damned - "Love Song"

The Mighty Boosh

The DVDs came out today.


Recently we picked up the new Giant Robot from the San Francisco store. When I got asked to do the cover I was like, "Sweet". Then they informed me that I had to do an interview, and then I was like, "Not So Sweet". Cause, yeah, considering I really don't do anything I wouldn't really know what the interview would consist of.

I did the headers for all the different sections in the magazine. In the other issues most of the other artist just sent in little clips of art they already made, but I decided to draw our something on paper. And then I told Martin that he could make them hot pink instead of black, and it'll match the magazine better. And that's what he did. There was one mess up, where I think they used a lower resolution image and it didn't really print out okay, but yeah. I don't really think anyone looks at that.


This is one of the drawings I used for the headers.

They also interviewed my old roommate, Ryohei Tanaka. He mentions the Big Longs in Oakland as where he got his favorite pair of scissors. I lived with Ryohei for about two years on 54th and San Pablo. He worked at a sushi restaurant on College, and his room was actually a walk-in closet and kind of looked like mini-Japan. When you'd walk in, he had a small hallway with bookcases completely filled and his walls and ceilings were covered with posters and magazine clippings. His space was so small he had to roll in and out his bed, and he had a table that he compacted to save space, too. But at least he had a window. It was kind of like living with a cool Japanese grandfather. Only he was 24. He was always kind of grumpy with me, and he breathed heavy sometimes, and dranked a lot tea. His films were so awesome, and he also drew and later got into paper cutting.

When his student visa ran out and he moved to Japan, our new roommate Kishi took his room, and then the sushi restaurant job, just cause he knew they needed a new Japanese guy to work the register. When I lived with Kishi all he ate was a bean and cheese burrito and 2 red bulls each and every day and he rode a track bike that looked like it weighed as much as him. He was a pretty sweet roommate. Actually that whole house was full of interesting folks.

They also had a little write up of Kozyndan and what they did for Puma. Kozy and Dan introduced Eric to my work. I think I was still in college when I was corresponding with Dan. A random thing that's pretty sweet about the Kozy & Dan Combination is that Dan's last name is is "Kitchens", So Kozy's name is "Kozy Kitchens". I don't know. I wish I had a cool name.

Pretty much there really isn't that much in the interview. I tried making myself as unquotable as possible, but yeah. It's kind of weird, cause there's some stuff left off to certain answers, and so it seems like there's some random half-answers (but I guess only to me). But yeah. What are you going to do?

They started doing these GR Black Book surveys a few issues back; I totally read them before I decide if I'm going to read someone's interview. I like to pass judgments on their handwriting cause I'm shallow like that. It's weird that they ask for your blood type, but Asian cultures have a thing about that stuff. My mom's a universal donor, and donates blood regularly, so the only reason why I know my own blood type is cause I participated in some blood drives. They never paid you, but one of my favorite shirts was a blood drive shirt that was black and had a panda on it and said something about the San Diego Zoo. I remember one time they couldn't find my vain, so they popped me twice. That totally sucked. I had to walk home with my arms up in the air cause blood would leak out if I didn't. Or maybe they didn't and I just felt like they would. It was kind of a long time ago. They don't send you letters of who gets your blood, but I like to think mine went to a badly burned Albanian boy they found in a cave somewhere in Lemon Grove. But it probably went to some dude who cut himself open in a kitchen accident.

I remember reading through the paperwork to donate blood while in college and they listed a bunch of places that if you've visited in the past year or so you can't donate blood, and then I was like, I'm never going to any of these places, which was pretty much Mexico, and like anywhere in South America, Africa, and South East Asia. Then for a while anytime anyone would tell me where they would be going on vacation, I'd be like, "You won't be able to donate blood for 3 years if you go there". Yeah, why go to fucking Costa Rica when you could be donating blood? Costa Rica doesn't have free t-shirts with pandas on them.

I avoided saying as much "bad" stuff in the interview as I possibly could so I could send a copy to my Mom. I didn't use any cuss words, but I did mention ditching church when I was young. But hopefully she doesn't read it all the way to the end or anyone else in her circle of friends. When I gave her a copy of my book, I went through and uh, white-d out all the bad words in it. To tell you the truth, I do a lot of art projects that my mom never sees, and somehow I kind of mentioned the book, and she asked if I could send a copy her way, and then yeah, I didn't expect that.

Universal Everything

from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sea Otters I mean, Seals Sea Lions

I took a photo of this postcard before I gave it to Kerry so she could take it back home. She gave me a pretty sweet postcard of some cave in upstate New York.

They have these postcards throughout the central coast so I figure if I wanted another one I could get it then.

Star Wars Uncut

Thought this was interesting.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Some Cat Names

In No Particular Order:

1. Cheeto - Myleen. Photo poached from here.

2. Jalapeño - Brendan and Evah.

3. Sebastian - Best Cat Ever.

4. Cat Buddy - David in the City.
5. Tuna Rocket - Marci's framer in Marin.
6. R2 - Marci's friend Melanie's cat. I think he talked a lot.
7. Mike - Another of Melanie's cats. He pretty much looked like a "Mike".
8. Soda Cat - !
9 & 10. Nook and Moose - PVD. They are brothers.

sir francis
11. Sir Francis - Brooklyn. We staying with Daniel St. George when he was cat-sitting this abyssinian. He talked like a robot and was really into flushed toilets.

12. The Ombledroom - At the Edward Gorey House in Cape Cod.

13. Roosephine - Tommy Busch's tough guy/street bully cat.
14 & 15. Winston and Scarlett - Dawn and Adam.
16. Floofer - Not his real name. Marci just gave it to him cause he's big and floofy and he lives in the neighborhood. My favorite neighborhood cat is the bite-y one. He comes out and asks for pets and if you pet him long enough he'll go for a nibble. Like a vampire.

17. Thor - Well, I did name him.
18. Cosmic Creepers - Kind of doesn't count.


Monday, July 13, 2009

"Please Vote for Me" by Weijun Chen

Why Democracy - Please Vote for Me from 自曲新闻 on Vimeo.

Uh, they added a bunch of stuff to Netflix Instant View, but I haven't been able to get to "Please Vote for Me" till now, cause I don't usually watch subtitled stuff while drawing. I think this video I found is the whole documentary which runs a little less than 60 minutes.

This short film documents an election for class monitor in a 3rd grade class in Wuhon, China. What's weird about "Please Vote for Me", is like, half-way through, you remember that China has that one-child policy, and the parents are kind of pushy and over protective. It's kind of weird thinking none of those kids have siblings.

Okay, another thing that's strange is that I've never even heard of Wuhon, but China has like 12 cities the size of New York, and Wuhon's one of them.

Made My First Gouache Painting

It's kind of weird seeing a painting on paper. Hopefully I'll get better at mixing this stuff. It took me like 4 months to finally sit down and do this.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Home Movie" by Chris Smith

Netflix Instant View is pretty sweet. From the same guy who made "American Movie".

Friday, July 10, 2009

San Diego

Hotel Del Coronado

Here's a postcard I found of the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.

The letter asks about how an injured bird is doing.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jennifer's Body

The preview for Jennifer's Body is out and my painting is totally in it for a second. It's at 1:17 on the slanted wall in the bedroom. The movie looks rad and I'm way excited about it! The severed head chandelier is in the film somewhere too but I guess I have to wait until the film comes out to see it.

Bob McNamara Died Today

According to Wikipedia he went to Piedmont High. Uh, one of the few books I've read was Fog of War. You don't really need to read it, cause they made that into a biographical movie. Or you can just read his obituary in the New York Times. Everyone I mentioned his death too were like, "He was still alive?"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Myleen sent us this link a while ago.

Animals with Casts

Fluffernutter Sandwich


Shea sent us a jar of Fluff from the East cause they don't sell Fluff in California. When we were in Rhode Island last year, I remember sitting in the back of her car when she was talking about it and being totally confused about what a Fluffernutter sandwich was cause I missed the part about the Fluff.


I found an instructional video online on how to make a Fluffernutter sandwich. It's just white bread, a smooth peanut butter. They recommended Wonderbread, and Skippy's, but I went to Trader Joes and they don't have that there. A friend told me I should use Nutella, but I kind of hate Nutella. It tastes alright, but I hate how when I was younger kids would go off to Europe and come back and talk about how great Nutella was and how they had it on everything, and now they have to have it on everything, but it's Nutella. You can get that at any grocery store or Italia themed deli, or at the Liquor Store. They just wanted to talk about how they were in Europe eating some foreign food, which isn't that foreign, cause it was probably from some crepe stand that they went to cause the restaurants were too intimidating. I know, they probably just wanted to bond over some food item and I'm just being an asshole. But stuff like that sort of happens.

Like how I don't like Pavement cause when I was a kid some asshole told me the Silver Jews sucked cause they were just a Pavement side project. Or how I don't like Jeffrey Brown comics cause one of his characters puts down Doug Martsch's writing ability. The character even took it back, but that not something you should even be fucking joking about.

Yeah, WTF.

fluffernutter sandwich
Uh, yeah. I ate my sandwich.
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