Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Drawing for Tiny Showcase

This is the drawing I made for Tiny Showcase for the print release earlier this week. Pretty much it has some elements of earlier drawings and some extra stuff, cause well, uh, I kind of just wanted to make a really sweet drawing if it's going out to 100 people, so I tried putting all my favorite things into one drawing.

I kind of wish I didn't have to ink it in, cause I like my pencil drawings more. They just don't really reproduce all that, and I wanted the drawing to go better with the book.

To draw something like this it takes me about 3 movies, and then another two to ink it. The paper is Rives BFK, which is a really nice drawing surface, but you can't really erase too much on it. I kept on switching what I had on the drum, from "RAD", to "R.I." (which is actually what I wrote on the drum in my sketchbook), to "YES".

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