Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm working on drawings for a zine right now. I've been working on this for the past three weeks and now all I have to do is ink in the lines. I'm using Bristol Vellum instead of Rives BFK, which I'm kind of regretting. The Bristol comes in a pad, is cheaper, and there's less cutting, but the Rives is more forgiving, it takes my ink better, and there really isn't a problem with dirt getting on it and smudging.

It takes a day to draw out a page and about half a day to ink it in. I was going to try inking stuff while were camping but couldn't cause I couldn't find a clean place to draw. I was trying to stow myself away in a car to draw but no one was really having it. Why would I want to hang out in the car when there's a beach right there? Well, uh, cause sadly, I like drawing more.

My hand hurts when I use smaller tip pens. Cause it's a lot of detail and I have to hold on to the pen so hard. Marci tells me to run my hand under hot water, but I think that it's some sort of hint to do some dishes. It's not. I'm just kidding. But I can't waste water so I do do the dishes.

Uh, my hand is fucked up, but my thumbs aren't, so maybe I'll play video games instead. At least until the pain goes away.

Marci finished her zine. It's pretty sweet. I was contemplating having my zine be in pencil but then I started inking it in. I kind of wished I kept it in pencil.

We use the 3 cent copy place near our studio. You have to make a certain amount to get to the 3 cent pricing. so if you make 999 instead of 1000 you pay $43.76 instead of $32.85. I remember when I made my zines in high school going to the copy center near San Diego State and they had 2 cent copies and going in hoping I could reach that 2 cent threshold cause I only had so much money. I don't think I always made it, but the people working there were like college students, and my friends and I were obviously high school kids making some weird zine, so I think they let us slide a little.

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Camilla said...

I'd kill for a place that does copies that cheap- cheapest I can find is 5p, which sucks.