Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drawing Dracula

Ever since seeing the Edward Gorey Dracula show at the Cartoon Museum of Art last year, I've been really into drawing Dracula related stuff. I think it kind of helps having an ex-goth for a girlfriend, and hanging out with a friend who looks like Dracula's kid brother when he's clean shaven (now he kind of looks like the Wolfman's cousin cause he has a beard). Marci also has Bram Stoker's Dracula on my itunes, and when it's on random it sometimes comes up.

In the picture above (which is the first page of my new zine) are the things I know to draw about Dracula- bats, owls, fog, the Carpathian Mountains, caskets, stakes, garlic, candles, and fountain pens. I like drawing renfield, but I forgot on this one. I should have saved the theme for a spread instead of the first page of my zine.

I've been into the idea of illustrating a Dracula novel. It's public domain so you could actually get the words down and illustrate a book. I thought it'd be sweet if Marci did, but then I saw a remake of the 1st Edition of Dracula.

1st Edition:


The illustrations are alright in the remake. I don't remember the illustrator, but you can find the book on Amazon for about $20. I would, but it seems kind of dumb buying a book twice just cause it looks cool. The first edition that's pictured above, I found online, and it went for 14 grand.


adambeck said...

Dracula is rad. Have you seen the one where the Kronos Quartet does the soundtrack to the original movie? It's AMAZING.

Conor said...

I am somewhat obsessed with dracula and did a little research on it. I have been wanting to recreate parts of the book for years.