Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping at Butano State Park

We went camping at Butano State Park which is south of Half Moon Bay and north of Santa Cruz, so about an hour away from home. The closest town in Pescadero, which is known for it's artichoke soup and the best tacos that come from the town gas station. The town is pretty small. When we went out into the woods, Game 5 of the NBA finals was going on, but I had no internet, and I thought if when we'd go into town I'd buy a paper. But they had no major paper, so I got the local one, but there was no sports news other than high school stuff. I tried asking strangers but no one knew. It was like I was 12 again, and before the internet, where you had to wait till the news to find out if your team won, or the next day in the morning paper. Or you had to listen to shitty sports radio.

Uh, I just went on a total tangent. My bad. Camping was alright.

Here are some photos:

Michelle taking a picture of a banana slug.

There were hella trees like this one where you can walk in and hang out like that one kid in "My Side of the MTN".

Uh, yeah.

Drift Wood Palace

Marci and Jason built a hut. It was really cold at the beach.


Summers Love said...

uhmm i was googling online trying to find out if Butano camp grounds have picnic tables / fire pits.... And your blog came up.. LOL.. Anyways, do you know if they do? haha

Deth said...

Hey! Yeah, the campgrounds have fire pits and a picnic table, as well as a place to lock your food from racoons and a spigot to get water out of. the RV/drive in campsite is up the hill, and they have flushing bathroom stalls and sinks if you're not so into crapping in a really gross outhouse.

Summers Love said...

haha ok :)) thank you for the information, I forgot that I was trying to figure out if they had the water spigots too, but you answered my question! have a good labor day!