Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weston's Grand Pier

Our friend, Jane sent this video to me a few years ago. We actually went to that Pier a few times when we were in England, 5 years ago. Our minds were kind of blown there. Everyone was kind of drunk everywhere we went and it felt like we had made it to the British Tijuana. We had to help some drunk who ran his bike into a telephone pole and was just sort of stuck there. There was a lot of kids, and apparently England had one of the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe. There were a lot of pregnant ladies in tube tops and mini-skirts with bad tattoos of like Porky Pig and yeah. We'd be walking around and "Everyday is like Sunday" would be going through my head.

When we got back, for some strange reason I got into that kind of horrible Ali G movie, mostly cause, it reminded me of being in Weston.

I think either last year or the year before it burned down due to a deep fryer being left on. Yeah. That's kind of a loaded statement. There's several videos of it on youtube I found, but I don't think I can put them up here cause, they're pretty funny to me, but probably wouldn't be to whoever made the videos. Well, uh, no one really reads this blog, I'll just put it up.


Camilla said...

Dude- that's my pier! I have some video of the fire that I took over on my flickr...

Camilla said...

`That video is awesome- especially with all the spelling mistakes. It makes me ashamed of mine now.