Friday, April 3, 2009

Old Post- Strange Things We've Seen Outside Our Window

This Post is from Nov 9, 2007.

- Cats Stalking Dogs and Dog Walkers. That's right, there are multiple cats stalking dogs from 15-20 feet away as they're walking pass our house.
- Lady Singing Medieval Style while walking down the street. We've Never actually seen her, cause she sings pretty much on in the morning around 8-9, and it's usually on Sunday, probably on the way to the farmers market.
- Crazy Lady Screaming Obscenities To No One in Particular. Yeah. Uh, I just saw her crap on a parked car the other day.
- Lady with an Electric Wheelchair, zooming around a corner and Plowing straight into the Back of A Parked Car. Uh, we came out and tried helping her. It really sucked. She was okay, just really drunk apparently. When you see something like that, you should probably call 911 first, and then go out there.
- Cars smashing into Buildings. Happened twice in a span of two months.

To tell you the truth our neighborhood is pretty tamed. Or at least compared to the other places we've lived. You know, no one getting shot outside our window, or no neighbor chasing some dude with a hammer or anything.

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