Monday, March 16, 2009

Teppei Ando

My friend Teppei made this video of his comic that he illustrated, made the music for and did the voices for. It's actually autobiographical. Cause he's just illustrating what actually happened to him when he had to find a place to live and he moved in with the neighborhood con-man and then I guess these other guys moved in.

The neighborhood con-man was this Israeli guy who bought shitty cars, "fixed" them up and sold them. He was being investigated by ABC 7, where he rammed a news van while trying to get away. I know, you can't make this shit up. He parks in our neighborhood and leaves shitty cars here for weeks. One day he was stealing Marci's parking spot while she was backing into the space and Marci went off on him and told him to, "Fuck off".

If you want to read the comics you can go to Teppei's website. It's very poorly organized but most people can figure it out. Yeah.I think it's actually better in this format. Mostly cause it's kind of funny that Teppei's doing all the voices. BTW they're all miss-pronouncing his name, It' Teppei like Taipei only not, cause it's Teppei. Teppei's also organizing a group show I'm in that's in Oakland. I'll put more information up. That's like first Friday in Oakland.

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