Monday, March 23, 2009

Rambutan Flavor Hi-Chew

I was looking for Lychee flavor Hi-Chew but found Rambutan instead. Up until a few weeks ago I thought Rambutan, Longan, and Lychee were the same fruit, but they're just from the same family. When I was littler I thought Rambutan and Longan were brand names, but they weren't. I don't know, they all just sort of tasted the same, only that Rambutan was slightly smaller.

I got these from an asian market on Clement St. while running errands in the City. They taste like lychee flavor candy.

Yes, yes. If you're ever in a SE Asian Restaurant and you see "Lychee Drink", don't fucking get it. It's just Lychee from a can with the syrup that comes with it.

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