Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monster Drawing Rally

We did the Monster Drawing Rally last Friday. It was at the Verdi Club in San Francisco. All proceeds went to Southern Exposure, a non-profit arts organization and their quest to raise enough money to move into a new location. They've been around for 34 years and the Monster Drawing Rally has been going on for 9 years. I drew in the first one, and the last two with Marci along with 128 other artists. Uh, we're not required to draw monsters, which is a stupid joke you have to overhear at least a hundred fucking times whenever you go to one of these things.

Made Ferris and Michelle drink this
Ferris came by the studio to prep for the rally with us (I suckered him and Michelle to drink this can of grass jelly drink). Marci, Michelle, Ferris and I were all in the Drawing Rally.

This Omega is Fully Operational
We piled into the Omega and made our way over.

Marci and Amanda
Marci's sister Amanda was already there.

Crowd Trickling In.
Crowd Trickling In.

Us at the Monster Drawing Rally
We put ourselves down for the 6-7 time slot, cause the last time we did this Marci got into a fight with some hippy lady and it gave me a panic attack and I spilled my beer. Against Marci's advice I brought my headphones, which I'm so glad I brought. As usual I forgot something really important, and that was bringing black paint. But I got Michelle to find Ferris who let me borrow his.

I made a small painting, it took the full hour of my slot. They upped the price to $60 per piece, so it's like, "I got to make something in 60 minutes worth $60" and for me a drawing wouldn't cut it, just cause I don't make drawings that good. So I sold one piece for $60. But last year I made 4 drawings for $40 and sold them all, so I made them $100 more last year. But yeah. Whatever.

Marci's Drawing
Marci made two pieces I think. This was her first piece. I would have taken a picture of it not in a poly-bag but I was preoccupied. Marci likes watching her stuff get sold. There were a bunch of hands that got up. There is no bidding. It's $60 flat, and they draw playing cards. It's highest card wins, and in case of a tie, they just redraw cards.

Paul Urich
Michelle won this Paul Urich piece.

Zachary Rossman
Zach showed up 5 minutes before he was suppose to draw. He pounded a beer and started drawing. We hid all our stuff near his feet.

Kelly and MichelleKelly and Michelle had the 8-9 slot. Kelly showed up without anything. I set my ipod to "The Smiths" and let her borrow my headphones, pencils, paper, brushes and paint and she some how pulled it through.

Still Drawing
Michelle of course was her little painting machine self.

David and JosephineDavid and Josephine were volunteering. They're our neighbors. David's pretty good at scrabble.

Here's a photo from our first game together. He used "O" and "X" for "No" and "Oxy" for a triple word score. I just got back into Scrabble, and have been trying to find folks to play with.

Kelly and Ferris
Kelly and Ferris at 9-10.

Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie
Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie.

Bumped into Omid, who I hadn't seen in years. I think the last time I saw him was at our going away party, in 2004.

Crowd Shot
The crowd was centered around the bidding. Every time a piece went up there was a big push, and no one could see the piece except for the folks up front. Some folks in the back couldn't see what was up for bid, and there were handlers who could barely get through the crowd to the artwork up on the wall. I avoided that side of the room. There was also a lounge area and they hired a taco truck to sell stuff outside. Most likely tacos.

Crowd Shot
It got really hot.

Jess, Amanda, MarciHere's a photo of Jess, Amanda, and Marci outside near the end of it all. Jess who goes to CCA used to get mistaken for Marci and Marci used to get mistaken for Jess, but Marci thinks she bears a closer resemblance to Amanda.

Yeah, that was pretty much it. We went to El Farolito afterwards.


myleen said...

hi deth! hello marci -
i was bummed i missed this, looks like lots of good arting all around...hope to see you guys around soon.

Jess W said...

Ha, nice end cap.

ostrich girl said...

You are a hillarious writer! I can just feel the sarcasm coming off in different places.
So now they are trying to pull this event off in Napa in June, so we shall see how that goes!I am considering participating and I totally agree with you on the head phones and ipod. How else could you concentrate? The pressure plus the over the shoulder watchers.Sounds like fun though !
Loved your hands and the fact that you painted!Take Care
Sheri DeBow