Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The Address of my favorite 7-Eleven in San Francisco is: 711 Market Street.

BTW, remember the 7-11 Club that was just a bar, but got closed down, and then replaced by a real 7-Eleven, and everyone got pissed, and thought it was some sort of messed up joke? I was glad.

Why is this 7-Eleven my favorite 7-Eleven:
My most favorite Mango Juice is 89c there. Cheaper than Walgreens by 10c. For every 9 I drank from Walgreens, I could have had 10 from 7-Eleven. I was a fool.
They're the only one downtown where you an get a slurpee with a sour candied straw.
They have pocky and hi-chew.
They're right next to Del Tacos.

That's all I got.

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