Sunday, February 1, 2009

Since You've been Home

Marci got back from Yaddo on Wednesday but it's been all work since she got back. I took some time off of uh, taking time off, by making sure she just has to worry about painting and nothing else. Which pretty much means I'm just cooking or planning out what we're eating for the day. It's actually kind of nice cause when Marci cooks, even when I'm not hungry I'd eat whatever she puts in front of me, but when I don't have to eat at every meal.

She's super busy cause her gallery needs an image for the press release before she goes and works a trade show for two weeks in Tucson. Her original plan was to work on all her paintings at the same time, but now she's using the four days home to try and finish this one painting she wants to use and get it to the photographer right before she gets on a plane.

But, yeah. Here's some cat videos:

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