Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rowan Morrison, My Book, Stuff.

I've just been running errands this week. I got up and decided to make my way over to Rowan Morrison to take a photo of my big installation, and this large painting that sold (it would be my only chance to properly document it) and to also drop off a check to Pete for my half of the book. But it just so happened today was the day my book came in. I took some photos, but first here are the photos I came to take:

168 Pieces
Thanks to Pete for helping me photograph this. I use a gloss medium so there was a huge glare. Pete held up two pieces of cardboard and two curtain sheets while I took several shots.

I wish I took photos during the opening but I didn't. Usually I'm with Marci during those things and I take photos while Marci talks to everyone for me.

Crystal Caves and Giant Wolf
This is of the large piece I made. Originally I was going to give Rowan Morrison a different large painting (one that was showed in LA), but then the Palo Alto Art Center asked to show it and three others. I made this right before the show. The panel takes about 5 days for me to prep but to draw it out and paint everything it took me about two days cause I didn't have anything to distract me. I'm actually really glad the PAAC asked for the other one cause I like this one a lot and was glad I made it. My favorite part about it is the little coffin near the mouth of the cave, which only Marci noticed when she saw it the first time last weekend.

And here are images of the book:
I See It All 1
Perfect Bound. 128 pages. It's 7"x10" with Rounded Edges. It'll retail for $20. 500 were made.

I See It All

The Cover is Silver on Black (Like the Raiders). I was trying to come up with a good image, but the book was made up of my most current drawings so I didn't want to reuse something that was inside so I redrew an old image I used for the Tiny Showcase T-Shirt, which is actually a remake of a painting Michelle now has.

I See It All 3
The inside is black on white. It's a make up of two sketchbooks.

The Book Release is Friday, Feb 13, 2009 at Rowan Morrison in Oakland.
And then there's another Book Signing at Giant Robot San Francisco soon afterwards.

I'm not really looking forward to doing the book releases. I used to work at Giant Robot and it kind of was weird seeing people come in and do them. Sometimes there'd be a bunch of folks but usually there's like a few folks that trickle in. I think that the latter is likely to happen when we do GRSF but I'll have Pete with so hopefully we'll make a day of it.

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