Monday, February 23, 2009


I bought this on ebay. Uh, I collect postcards. It started cause when I was younger I discovered that they fit into cassette cases perfectly so I'd use them to write the song titles on. That and I went to art college so I'd collect everyone's BFA exhibition cards, but I could never really cut up their cards. It's kind of to the point where I collect them just cause I always have. But yeah, lately I've been collecting non-exhibition cards.
Back of Post Card
It's kind of a funny card. She ate clams, enjoyed them and then she's going to go dig for clams.

Uh, the last postcard I bought on Ebay was three years ago when I bought a postcard of Marci's car from 1977.
omega postcard

I've been looking for this postcard:

It's been on my search-notice but nothing's come up. And then I decided to look up postcards from Providence cause we didn't pick up one while were there.


Camilla said...

OOOh i'd kill for that moomin one. Maybe i'll send you some new postcards from weston-super-mare sometime...

Deth said...

oh, sweet! i should put up the ones we have so there aren't repeats. are there any of the grand pier?