Monday, February 9, 2009

New and Different

Nothing new. Nothing different. Marci's still out of town. I've gotten used to working with her computer. I bring a book. Marci's scanner died, so I bought another one a while ago and tried to install it but her operating system is so old the software doesn't work for it. Oh, well.

Uh, on Friday I went to that group show I'm in at the winery in Emeryville. It was a former submarine repair shop. I don't drink wine. Not cause I'm allergic to it but cause I don't like drinking it. Saw some old school friends. I went with Tommy and Alanna.

From there we went to Ghosttown to see my friend's last show. It was described to me as a squat, and the description matched the place. It was on San Pablo so I thought it would be next to the show I was in, but it was down on 23rd (no where close to 64th). I used to live on 54th and it was kind of scary, but it was really kind of tame compared to uh, 23rd. We used to live across the street from the Quarter Pounder (where late at night you'd see johns get their burger, pick up their hooker, and take them across the other street to the seedy hotel), and Ghosttown is across the street from the other Quarter Pounder. My friend bought me fries for walking across the street with him to get his. It's pretty certain I won't ever go back there, but not because of the neighborhood. Probably cause there were a lot of drunk ass-holes. There were people throwing beer bottles into the crowd from behind, there was some heavy pushing, and some girl got some icing on me while stomping out a cake. Alanna said this was quite tame, and that the night was one of the more enjoyable she's had at the place.

Our Friends' Last Show
I took this less-blurry-than-other-photos photo to remember the occasion and show Marci what she "missed".

I bumped into Shawn and Rachell who I hadn't seen in a while. Hadn't really seen them since they got back from Argentina, though they've been back for years. Also saw Jamal who I met up earlier in the week when we went to go help Adam Beck move his new piano into his home. I woke up having a sore back and thought it was from sleeping wrong, but he pointed it out that it was from the piano cause he also had back pain. Oh, well. Adam got me burger and shake at the Smoke House for my troubles.

I got a lot of free meals that week. There was Adam for helping with his piano, Joe who took me to some Indian place that ended up being vegetarian cause I got our weird Chinese dinner on Christmas night. And Pete took me out to Sabuy Sabuy to celebrate our book. Pretty sweet. At least for me.

I've been eating a lot of hot pockets cause they're on sale for $2. I'm not suppose to eat them cause their made with wheat, but at least I'm eating something warm. I have one for lunch and another for dinner. They're on sale and I was buying them one at a time, so I've been stuck buying lean pockets cause all the good ones are out cause of the sale. I can't really tell the difference, but the green label tells me I'm not suppose to be enjoying them cause they're better for me than a normal hot pocket. I hope they restock, so that way I could get all my meals for $10 for 5 days until Marci comes home. I know. I'm a fool for not buying them all at once.

Other than that nothing else that's too exciting. I've been harvesting ice for the past 5 days. I empty out the ice tray each morning into a plastic bag, and then refill the ice. I don't know. We always seem to be out of it.

What else? Uh, I went to Target and bought sheets. I could have gone to El Cerrito which is closer, but I went to the one in South San Francisco, cause it's fancier and I wanted more choices in sheet colors. I paid a little extra and got the Aqua Green ones. Only 250 count, but it's 100% cotton as opposed to 300 count, 60/40 polyester. It's nice to go to Target by myself. I got to peruse the DVD section at my leisure. So I was able to make a sound decision on my DVD purchase. I bought Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf Too for $5. I also purchased the Assassination of Jesse James for $10. I then went home and updated my spreadsheet and realized Michelle still has The Order of the Phoenix.

I made this book and then I put it on sale and now I realize I can't just put them in stay flat envelopes so I had to order padded envelopes. Pretty exciting. So I won't be able to ship those out until Wednesday at the earliest.


michelle said...

oh no, don't kill me! i'll bring them to the studio, this week, promise. i actually think i have two other movies of yours too.....eeek, i'm the worst movie returner!!!

Deth said...

hey friend, don't worry. i just sort of noticed it. see you at the studio!

Junkyard Sam said...

RE: Sheets
I actually like low-thread-count better. It seems like cathair sticks to low-thread-count sheets less. Unless you like the extra warmth the accumulated cat hair probably brings, and then the high-thread count might be superior. =)

RE: hookers/johns
I remember driving through San Francisco late at night, finding myself kinda attracted to these particularly female-ized male transvestites.

It was very frustrating, because I couldn't help it. I got mad at myself. (Though I didn't stop or anything.)

I'm glad I met my wife when I did. I don't know what was happening to me.