Friday, February 6, 2009

More of the Same

Organized these by Size
It feels like I fill my days with things that I don't really need to get done. Like today I went and organized my zines/small books by size. It took me about 3 hours, and now it's like, "Now what?"

I finally bought that 90 minute tape. I keep on going to Walgreens, but when Marci's not around I forget to eat, so whenever I'm in there I keep forgetting why I went there. Like the last time I went out I came home with printer paper, and the time before that I came home with a lint roller. I wear a lot of black for a person who owns a white cat. This kid outside my house said, "That guy has a lot of hair on him" as I was walking pass him and his friends, so I guess that was enough for me to think I needed a lint roller.

Pete came by to drop off books. He took me to Sabuy Sabuy. Everyone we know hates that place cause it's right across the street from school so we all ate there a lot when we were younger cause it was either that or Wendy's. But the menu really opens up when you start buying stuff that has meat, or isn't just peanut sauce and rice. We got Spicy Chicken Wings, Yellow Curry, and uh, Pork Fried Rice. Pete can really eat. My stomach shrank cause I really haven't been eating much. The last real meal was made up of left over bacon, tomatoes, and mixed greens. I just wrapped greens around the bacon and ate it like a weird pig in a blanket. And I ate the tomatoes like apples. There's like two dishes in the sink since Marci left.

Uh, I was planning on having company but our friend didn't want to come out to Oakland after I recommend he take a taxi from Macarthur BART so he won't get mugged. I don't know, he flew in, he's little, he probably has luggage, that's a pretty much says to people, "please, please mug me". Then I guess he got freaked out, but he lives in Brooklyn. I know they have tough neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It's only $7 for the cab, and it's just to be safe.

But, yeah. Okay. That's it.

I'm hoping Marci will post some more stuff.

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