Sunday, February 1, 2009

Michael Palin Pole to Pole

I'm starting to watch only documentaries that are hosted by former Monty Python member. I watched The Human Face with John Cleece, and I just about finished Michael Palin's Pole to Pole. Next on my Netflix Queue is Terry Jones' Medieval Lives. They say it's narrated by the guy who dresses up like a woman the most. The short one with the dark hair. He's British, if that helps any. Played Brian's mom. And the revolutionaries' mom in The Holy Grail. Oh, I saw the companion documentary of revisiting the set of Monty Python with Michael Palin and Brian's mom.

Yes, yes. Well, I'm just here to say that if you have Netflix you should check out this documentary. He travels from the North Pole to the South Pole which takes 144 days or about 8 40 minute episodes. Africa is fucked, he goes through the Sudan while it's still at war and apparently Ethiopia is seriously 7 years behind. The filming was done during the summer before the fall of Communism. So it's kind of a weird marker of what was going on then.

I don't know. He goes to the three of the places I want to someday go, which are Norway, Finland, and St. Petersburg so the first few episodes were really sweet. It just got scarier as they go further south.

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