Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Hate Marci's Computer

Marci has my laptop so in order to do some work I have to use her computer which is old and slow. Like so slow I have to sometimes slow down on my typing. it feels like when I was 15 and would get up to wait for something to load. It's so slow I took up reading again.

I joined a mix tape pool on facebook. I was invited by one of Marci's friends, who I'm accidentally friend-ed on facebook cause I didn't log out and Marci went around and added a bunch of people. It's kind of one of those sore subjects you can't really bring up cause it was either my fault for not logging out or her fault for not seeing if I was still logged in. I know, this so fucking interesting. Yes, yes.

It's like how the long-neck stapler got broken. It's probably, mostly my fault cause I handed her a box staples for a heavy duty stapler. But at the time, you'd think you'd feel out the staples and see they were a few millimeters longer than normal staples. I mean they have jagged edges and were slightly thicker. I just handed her a box of staples that looked exactly like a box of normal staples. It's a blank white box of staples.

Yeah, but seriously my life does not revolve around remembering petty arguments. It revolves around remembering dumb answers given out during Trivial Pursuit. Honolulu is not an island. Nixon wasn't the first president born in the 20th century.

But I should really just drop it, cause I did used to think there was a city called Ontario in Canada (I don't know. They have Ottawa City, And there's Quebec, so you'd think Ontario would have one, too).

This keyboard kind of doesn't work cause someone spilled their coffee on it. Okay, okay. I'm letting everything go.

But yeah. I joined a mix tape pool, for real cassettes. Uh, my music library is on my laptop so I hastily burned 2 45 minute CDs before Marci left to make as a mix. Is that lazy of me to not want to keep pressing "pause" and "record"? Or dig out my cds from a box that's at the top of my closet? It's kind of weird group, and I tried inviting some friends in but only a few even have tape decks.

I spent about an hour looking for some old cassette tapes and I thought I had some 90 minute tapes but all I had were 60 minutes. To tell you the truth, 95 minutes of music is a lot of music, especially if you're getting it from someone you don't know, and if that person listens to totally different music than what you like. So now I have to go buy 90 cassette tapes cause I can't make another mix cause I don't have my laptop.

I always made my mixes 60 minutes cause they were usually just for myself I always thought the shorter the tape the better. Like I remember making 30 minute tapes (they stopped selling those), or picking up a stack of cassingles at the record store near the free pile up front and recording over those, so I could listen to a small mix for my 10 minute walk to school or 7-11.

The last two times I joined mix tapes pool I had some limited success. One pool was run by an artist and so you were suppose to make a mix and produce a nice packaging for it and send it out to about 20 people. Put then most of what I got was pretty random. The other pool was run by my friend, Conor, but I got one of Conor's friends from high school, and it was just stuff of all the music I used to listen to but didn't anymore (cause we're in the same circle of friends). I didn't know what happened to my mix (Conor sent them out randomly) until last year. I guess some dude had it and gave it to one of Michelle's friends. He said he was kind of disappointed that I didn't make the mix on a cassette (too bad Marci didn't add him to my friends list on Facebook, or I would have invited him (last one)).

But yeah. I don't know if I'm regretting joining this group. In a way it will be a way to get rid of 10 60 minute tapes, so I guess I'm signed on until at least November.

Lately I've been revisiting some old songs. It's weird to restart listening to music you haven't heard in a few years. When Marci was in upstate New York I was making play lists for my ipod and listening to them in the dark before I went to sleep. The song I like to listen to before I went to sleep is "Laughing Stock" by Grandaddy which is pretty awesome with headphones on.

I tried to find the song for you, but I couldn't. I would put it on somewhere but Marci has my laptop. So to go along with this very negative post I'll drop this very disturbing music video by Grandaddy.

The kids in the bunny suit kind of make me want to vomit.

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