Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grass Jelly Drink

I bought this at the 7-11 on 3rd and Market. I bought it cause I didn't have a camera on me. It was only 89c, but since I'm never drinking I guess it could be seen as kind of a waste. I found out I could get my mango drink there for 89c. I just don't understand why the 7-11 on Montgomery and Market doesn't carry it. Now I have to walk 100 yards to 3rd Street when I get out on New Montgomery and Market instead of just across the street.

It's weird when not-so-good-looking drinks have pictures of what's inside to explain what's in them. They should just stick to a logo. Like the new Pepsi logo makes me kind of like it. Too bad it's still full of Pepsi. And not Mango Juice.

Oh, when I did that post on mango drink that I enjoy, I forgot to add Mango Snapple, Mango Lassi, and uh, Mango Aqua Fresca. Snapple's too sugary, Lassi is a yogurt drink you can get at Indian restaurants, and the Mango Aqua Fresca is good but not as good as strawberry.

Oh, yes. Pretty fucking exciting.

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michelle said...

down with pepsi, yuck!