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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marci's Still At It

Relative Size

Marci's been pulling long hours trying to get her paintings done. People e-mail Marci on where she gets her wallpaper from, but it's seriously just all painting, and it takes forever (about a days work for a square foot). Her show is in April but she has to have everything done by March to give to the framer. The paintings are huge, and we think we might have to rent a van to get everything to where ever they have to go cause her car is too small.


If you're in the Bay Area around the first part of April you should make it out to 77 Geary to see it. Marci's been working on this show for the past year.

Grass Jelly Drink

I bought this at the 7-11 on 3rd and Market. I bought it cause I didn't have a camera on me. It was only 89c, but since I'm never drinking I guess it could be seen as kind of a waste. I found out I could get my mango drink there for 89c. I just don't understand why the 7-11 on Montgomery and Market doesn't carry it. Now I have to walk 100 yards to 3rd Street when I get out on New Montgomery and Market instead of just across the street.

It's weird when not-so-good-looking drinks have pictures of what's inside to explain what's in them. They should just stick to a logo. Like the new Pepsi logo makes me kind of like it. Too bad it's still full of Pepsi. And not Mango Juice.

Oh, when I did that post on mango drink that I enjoy, I forgot to add Mango Snapple, Mango Lassi, and uh, Mango Aqua Fresca. Snapple's too sugary, Lassi is a yogurt drink you can get at Indian restaurants, and the Mango Aqua Fresca is good but not as good as strawberry.

Oh, yes. Pretty fucking exciting.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Drawing Rally

February 27, 2009 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Southern Exposure’s
9th Annual
Monster Drawing Rally

Friday, February 27, 2009
6:00 – 11:00 PM
Donation: $5 & UP
Event Location: Verdi Club
2424 Mariposa Street (between Hampshire and Potrero Streets)

Southern Exposure announces the 9th Annual Monster Drawing Rally at the Verdi Club, a live drawing and fundraising event featuring over 130 artists.

Providing the basic necessities of the drawing practice--pencils, charcoal, pens, markers, ink, and paper--Southern Exposure creates the context while the artists create the content of the drawings. The evening will consist of four one-hour shifts with approximately 30 artists drawing simultaneously each hour. As the drawings are completed they will be hung on the walls and available for purchase for $60 each. The Monster Drawing Rally promises to be an action-packed spectacle you won't want to miss!

The Monster Drawing Rally provides a unique opportunity to watch a drawing come to life, and to purchase a work of art minutes after it's completion. Proceeds from the event provide direct support for Southern Exposure's Exhibitions and Artists in Education Programs.

The evening will also provide a sneak peek of Southern Exposure's new home! Southern Exposure is moving to a new 4,000 square foot space on 20th Street in the Mission District in late spring of 2009. Plans, drawings, information and ways to get involved will all be available at the event.

Music will be delivered all night long by Bo Derelict.
Curbside tacos sold by El Tonayense.

Generous in-kind donations for the 9th Annual Monster Drawing Rally are provided by Trumer Brauerei Berkeley, Bridgeport Brewery, and Nectar Ales.

Event photographer: Anthony J. Hall

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (as of February 20, 2009)
Brett Amory, Lauren Anderson, Kathy Aoki, Chris Applegren, Seth Armstrong, Johnna Arnold, Mara Baldwin, David Becker, Pete Belkin, Bert Bergen, Elisheva Biernoff, Evan Bissell, Michelle Blade, James Bradley, Val Britton, Charlie Callahan, Michele Carlson, Deric Carner, John Casey, Constance Castillo, Alexander Cheves, Youmna Chlala, Serena Cole, Randy Colosky, Lisa Congdon, Jaime Cortez, Lauren Davies, Christian Davies, Veronica De Jesus, Tina Dillman, Nina Elder, Marcela Florez, Amy Franceschini, Adam Friedman, Matt Furie, Narangkar Glover, Pete Glover, Ariel Goldberg, Michael Hall, Liz Harvey, Chelsea Heikes, Eric Heiman, Queena Hernandez, Terry Hoff, Misa Inaoka, Ian Johnson, Kelly Lynn Jones, Kara Joslyn, Josh Keyes, David King, Tashana Kjelland, Sarah Klein, Chris Leib, Justin Limoges, Ken Lo, Ivan Lopez, Marina Luz, Nathan Lynch, Paul Madonna, Minette Mangahas, Michelle Mansour, Kari Marboe, Vanessa Marsh, Corinne Matesich, Christina Mazza, Mike McConnell, Gaelan McKeown-Hickel, Jeff Meadows, Jody Medich, David Muller, Carson Murdach, Claire Nereim, Jessica Niello, Andy Nizinskyj, Sandra Ono, Jennie Ottinger, Matthew Palladino, Lana Porcello, Erik Parra, Kamau Patton, Hilary Pecis, Stephanie Peek, Chris Pew, George Pfau, Ferris Plock, Mel Prest, Kyle Ranson, Lisa Ricci, Ricardo Richie, Favianna Rodriguez, Lordy Rodriguez, John Rogers, Veronica Rojas, Thorina Rose, Nat Russell, Zachary Rossman, Sham Saenz, Colleen Sanders, Zachary Royer Scholz, Andrew Schoultz, Emily Sevier, Ryan Shaffer, Deth P. Sun, Jiharri Terry, Tracy Timmins, Trevor Tubelle, Jessica Tully, Kelly Tunstall, Gina Tuzzi, Aiyana Udesen, Paul Urich, Adrian Van Allen, Jamie Vasta, Ben Venom, Marci Washington, Virginia White, Amanda Williams, Jenifer Wofford, Michael Louis Young

Monday, February 23, 2009


Salvation Mountain. My friend, Kishi took a trip to Niland, CA. He got a ton of these postcards and he gave me one when we met up for his Birthday last year. Niland/Slab City is kind of strange town. Kishi told me the sand near Salton Sea is made up of broken fish bones so it's not advisable to go barefoot. I tried to look that up but I couldn't find anything. He was really into it, but I don't really like going to that part of California.


"A Typical Day at the Sponge Exchange".

I got this in the Mission with Zach while waiting to get pick up to go to Palo Alto. It's from 1945.


I got this postcard in the mail in 2003 and didn't know where it came from. I didn't know of anyone going to Japan at the time.
Later I found out it was just S.Britt being funny.


This is one of the first non-art related postcard I picked up. I found it at the Creative Reuse Depot. My friend was working there so she gave it to me for free. It was only 25c, but I appreciated the savings none the less.

The message on the back is kind of funny. It's just a message to stop writing and to not give the address to anyone.


I bought this on ebay. Uh, I collect postcards. It started cause when I was younger I discovered that they fit into cassette cases perfectly so I'd use them to write the song titles on. That and I went to art college so I'd collect everyone's BFA exhibition cards, but I could never really cut up their cards. It's kind of to the point where I collect them just cause I always have. But yeah, lately I've been collecting non-exhibition cards.
Back of Post Card
It's kind of a funny card. She ate clams, enjoyed them and then she's going to go dig for clams.

Uh, the last postcard I bought on Ebay was three years ago when I bought a postcard of Marci's car from 1977.
omega postcard

I've been looking for this postcard:

It's been on my search-notice but nothing's come up. And then I decided to look up postcards from Providence cause we didn't pick up one while were there.


Microwaved Shredded Beef Taquitos with an Avocado.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I picked this up cause they were out of the mango juice i normally drink. The ingredients for this is: water, mango pulp, sugar and citric acid. The ingredients for Hong Van's mango juice is: water, mango juice, and cane sugar. This is from the Philippines and Hong Van's is from Taiwan. I kind of like Hong Van's more, but Marci thinks they taste the same.

Saturday, February 21, 2009




Sad News


Live Forever

Here's a link to a really nice interview of Elizabeth Peyton.

We got to see her show when we were in New York.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Made Steak for the first time.
I made steak for the first time. It was really easy. All I did was put salt and pepper on and pan fried it till it was medium rare. 4 minutes on each side. Marci made a salad and we had mash made. The steaks cost about $4.60-$4.80 each. You have to look for good marbling, or enough fat. You don't really need to, but you can put a little oil on the pan. I'm writing this mostly for myself so I can remember this for the next time. Either tonight or tomorrow night I'm going to learn how to make a burger.

I got the recipe from this book I bought at Costco for $20. It doesn't teach you everything, though. Marci tried looking up apple dumplings and I tried looking up Aqua Fresca. When strawberry season rolls around I'm going to try making that.

So to update you on what I can cook:
1. Make a Sandwich.
2. Mash Potatoes.
3. Boil Eggs.
4. Toss a Salad.
5. Fry Pork Chops &Latkas.
6. Make Eggs Over Easy.
7. Cook Corned Beef and Cabbage.
8. Grill a Cheese Sandwich.
9. Fry Bacon.
10. Grill Steak.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


My favorite lines from this:
The Lobster's Claw
Is Sharp As Knives
Evil Feasts
On Human Lives
The Holy Roman Empire
Roots for You

I like this song for many reasons. But mostly cause it's references to places on the Cape. Marci likes the "Lobster's Claw" bit cause it reminds her of the giant lobster that hangs outside of the Red Lobster in Times Square.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New and Different

Nothing new. Nothing different. Marci's still out of town. I've gotten used to working with her computer. I bring a book. Marci's scanner died, so I bought another one a while ago and tried to install it but her operating system is so old the software doesn't work for it. Oh, well.

Uh, on Friday I went to that group show I'm in at the winery in Emeryville. It was a former submarine repair shop. I don't drink wine. Not cause I'm allergic to it but cause I don't like drinking it. Saw some old school friends. I went with Tommy and Alanna.

From there we went to Ghosttown to see my friend's last show. It was described to me as a squat, and the description matched the place. It was on San Pablo so I thought it would be next to the show I was in, but it was down on 23rd (no where close to 64th). I used to live on 54th and it was kind of scary, but it was really kind of tame compared to uh, 23rd. We used to live across the street from the Quarter Pounder (where late at night you'd see johns get their burger, pick up their hooker, and take them across the other street to the seedy hotel), and Ghosttown is across the street from the other Quarter Pounder. My friend bought me fries for walking across the street with him to get his. It's pretty certain I won't ever go back there, but not because of the neighborhood. Probably cause there were a lot of drunk ass-holes. There were people throwing beer bottles into the crowd from behind, there was some heavy pushing, and some girl got some icing on me while stomping out a cake. Alanna said this was quite tame, and that the night was one of the more enjoyable she's had at the place.

Our Friends' Last Show
I took this less-blurry-than-other-photos photo to remember the occasion and show Marci what she "missed".

I bumped into Shawn and Rachell who I hadn't seen in a while. Hadn't really seen them since they got back from Argentina, though they've been back for years. Also saw Jamal who I met up earlier in the week when we went to go help Adam Beck move his new piano into his home. I woke up having a sore back and thought it was from sleeping wrong, but he pointed it out that it was from the piano cause he also had back pain. Oh, well. Adam got me burger and shake at the Smoke House for my troubles.

I got a lot of free meals that week. There was Adam for helping with his piano, Joe who took me to some Indian place that ended up being vegetarian cause I got our weird Chinese dinner on Christmas night. And Pete took me out to Sabuy Sabuy to celebrate our book. Pretty sweet. At least for me.

I've been eating a lot of hot pockets cause they're on sale for $2. I'm not suppose to eat them cause their made with wheat, but at least I'm eating something warm. I have one for lunch and another for dinner. They're on sale and I was buying them one at a time, so I've been stuck buying lean pockets cause all the good ones are out cause of the sale. I can't really tell the difference, but the green label tells me I'm not suppose to be enjoying them cause they're better for me than a normal hot pocket. I hope they restock, so that way I could get all my meals for $10 for 5 days until Marci comes home. I know. I'm a fool for not buying them all at once.

Other than that nothing else that's too exciting. I've been harvesting ice for the past 5 days. I empty out the ice tray each morning into a plastic bag, and then refill the ice. I don't know. We always seem to be out of it.

What else? Uh, I went to Target and bought sheets. I could have gone to El Cerrito which is closer, but I went to the one in South San Francisco, cause it's fancier and I wanted more choices in sheet colors. I paid a little extra and got the Aqua Green ones. Only 250 count, but it's 100% cotton as opposed to 300 count, 60/40 polyester. It's nice to go to Target by myself. I got to peruse the DVD section at my leisure. So I was able to make a sound decision on my DVD purchase. I bought Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf Too for $5. I also purchased the Assassination of Jesse James for $10. I then went home and updated my spreadsheet and realized Michelle still has The Order of the Phoenix.

I made this book and then I put it on sale and now I realize I can't just put them in stay flat envelopes so I had to order padded envelopes. Pretty exciting. So I won't be able to ship those out until Wednesday at the earliest.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mango Juices

Hong Van Mango Juice
I took a photo of this can so I'd remember which Mango Juice I like to drink. I was getting them from the Walgreens downtown while on the way to the studio.

I bought a Mango Flavor Kern's Nectar right before Michelle picked us up to go to Palo Alto the other week. It sucked. It tasted like garbage water. It was a long drive and there was no where to throw it out so I just went and drank it all.

I bought some other mango juice in a bottle across the street. I forgot what it was. I didn't take a photo of it cause I didn't want to drink it again. It was a combo flavor. Orange/Mango. If you see one of those, don't drink it.

Uh, my second favorite fruit are lychees. They probably wouldn't be if they were as common as oranges. When I grew up in Orange County a little, back when Orange County still had orchards. They probably still do, I just haven't been there in 20 years.

So in all honesty, oranges would probably be my second favorite fruit. Lychees are probably third. But what about blood oranges? Is that in the same category as just plain oranges?

Well to be exact I really just like the cuties, in terms of liking non-blood orange oranges. The hybrid mini-oranges they have. The larger ones usually lose their flavor, and it feels like you're eating orange flavor beef intestine.

Marci's favorite fruit is Pineapple. I think it's probably followed closely by Strawberry. She really likes Strawberry shortcakes, but I never seen her eat just strawberries.

I can't think of any other fruit I do like. I used to eat a lot of bananas. But they're just bananas. And I never really liked apples. Pears are just like apples but there's more of them. Pomegranates are too much work. I used to like peaches a lot until my mom planted a peach tree. Uh.

More of the Same

Organized these by Size
It feels like I fill my days with things that I don't really need to get done. Like today I went and organized my zines/small books by size. It took me about 3 hours, and now it's like, "Now what?"

I finally bought that 90 minute tape. I keep on going to Walgreens, but when Marci's not around I forget to eat, so whenever I'm in there I keep forgetting why I went there. Like the last time I went out I came home with printer paper, and the time before that I came home with a lint roller. I wear a lot of black for a person who owns a white cat. This kid outside my house said, "That guy has a lot of hair on him" as I was walking pass him and his friends, so I guess that was enough for me to think I needed a lint roller.

Pete came by to drop off books. He took me to Sabuy Sabuy. Everyone we know hates that place cause it's right across the street from school so we all ate there a lot when we were younger cause it was either that or Wendy's. But the menu really opens up when you start buying stuff that has meat, or isn't just peanut sauce and rice. We got Spicy Chicken Wings, Yellow Curry, and uh, Pork Fried Rice. Pete can really eat. My stomach shrank cause I really haven't been eating much. The last real meal was made up of left over bacon, tomatoes, and mixed greens. I just wrapped greens around the bacon and ate it like a weird pig in a blanket. And I ate the tomatoes like apples. There's like two dishes in the sink since Marci left.

Uh, I was planning on having company but our friend didn't want to come out to Oakland after I recommend he take a taxi from Macarthur BART so he won't get mugged. I don't know, he flew in, he's little, he probably has luggage, that's a pretty much says to people, "please, please mug me". Then I guess he got freaked out, but he lives in Brooklyn. I know they have tough neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It's only $7 for the cab, and it's just to be safe.

But, yeah. Okay. That's it.

I'm hoping Marci will post some more stuff.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rowan Morrison, My Book, Stuff.

I've just been running errands this week. I got up and decided to make my way over to Rowan Morrison to take a photo of my big installation, and this large painting that sold (it would be my only chance to properly document it) and to also drop off a check to Pete for my half of the book. But it just so happened today was the day my book came in. I took some photos, but first here are the photos I came to take:

168 Pieces
Thanks to Pete for helping me photograph this. I use a gloss medium so there was a huge glare. Pete held up two pieces of cardboard and two curtain sheets while I took several shots.

I wish I took photos during the opening but I didn't. Usually I'm with Marci during those things and I take photos while Marci talks to everyone for me.

Crystal Caves and Giant Wolf
This is of the large piece I made. Originally I was going to give Rowan Morrison a different large painting (one that was showed in LA), but then the Palo Alto Art Center asked to show it and three others. I made this right before the show. The panel takes about 5 days for me to prep but to draw it out and paint everything it took me about two days cause I didn't have anything to distract me. I'm actually really glad the PAAC asked for the other one cause I like this one a lot and was glad I made it. My favorite part about it is the little coffin near the mouth of the cave, which only Marci noticed when she saw it the first time last weekend.

And here are images of the book:
I See It All 1
Perfect Bound. 128 pages. It's 7"x10" with Rounded Edges. It'll retail for $20. 500 were made.

I See It All

The Cover is Silver on Black (Like the Raiders). I was trying to come up with a good image, but the book was made up of my most current drawings so I didn't want to reuse something that was inside so I redrew an old image I used for the Tiny Showcase T-Shirt, which is actually a remake of a painting Michelle now has.

I See It All 3
The inside is black on white. It's a make up of two sketchbooks.

The Book Release is Friday, Feb 13, 2009 at Rowan Morrison in Oakland.
And then there's another Book Signing at Giant Robot San Francisco soon afterwards.

I'm not really looking forward to doing the book releases. I used to work at Giant Robot and it kind of was weird seeing people come in and do them. Sometimes there'd be a bunch of folks but usually there's like a few folks that trickle in. I think that the latter is likely to happen when we do GRSF but I'll have Pete with so hopefully we'll make a day of it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fever Ray- If I had a Heart

My sister Amanda sent me this video and it is AWESOME! It's like we're sharing the same dream or something.

Yes, I have Deth's laptop while I'm in Tucson, so maybe I'll start blogging a little more to make up for it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Hate Marci's Computer

Marci has my laptop so in order to do some work I have to use her computer which is old and slow. Like so slow I have to sometimes slow down on my typing. it feels like when I was 15 and would get up to wait for something to load. It's so slow I took up reading again.

I joined a mix tape pool on facebook. I was invited by one of Marci's friends, who I'm accidentally friend-ed on facebook cause I didn't log out and Marci went around and added a bunch of people. It's kind of one of those sore subjects you can't really bring up cause it was either my fault for not logging out or her fault for not seeing if I was still logged in. I know, this so fucking interesting. Yes, yes.

It's like how the long-neck stapler got broken. It's probably, mostly my fault cause I handed her a box staples for a heavy duty stapler. But at the time, you'd think you'd feel out the staples and see they were a few millimeters longer than normal staples. I mean they have jagged edges and were slightly thicker. I just handed her a box of staples that looked exactly like a box of normal staples. It's a blank white box of staples.

Yeah, but seriously my life does not revolve around remembering petty arguments. It revolves around remembering dumb answers given out during Trivial Pursuit. Honolulu is not an island. Nixon wasn't the first president born in the 20th century.

But I should really just drop it, cause I did used to think there was a city called Ontario in Canada (I don't know. They have Ottawa City, And there's Quebec, so you'd think Ontario would have one, too).

This keyboard kind of doesn't work cause someone spilled their coffee on it. Okay, okay. I'm letting everything go.

But yeah. I joined a mix tape pool, for real cassettes. Uh, my music library is on my laptop so I hastily burned 2 45 minute CDs before Marci left to make as a mix. Is that lazy of me to not want to keep pressing "pause" and "record"? Or dig out my cds from a box that's at the top of my closet? It's kind of weird group, and I tried inviting some friends in but only a few even have tape decks.

I spent about an hour looking for some old cassette tapes and I thought I had some 90 minute tapes but all I had were 60 minutes. To tell you the truth, 95 minutes of music is a lot of music, especially if you're getting it from someone you don't know, and if that person listens to totally different music than what you like. So now I have to go buy 90 cassette tapes cause I can't make another mix cause I don't have my laptop.

I always made my mixes 60 minutes cause they were usually just for myself I always thought the shorter the tape the better. Like I remember making 30 minute tapes (they stopped selling those), or picking up a stack of cassingles at the record store near the free pile up front and recording over those, so I could listen to a small mix for my 10 minute walk to school or 7-11.

The last two times I joined mix tapes pool I had some limited success. One pool was run by an artist and so you were suppose to make a mix and produce a nice packaging for it and send it out to about 20 people. Put then most of what I got was pretty random. The other pool was run by my friend, Conor, but I got one of Conor's friends from high school, and it was just stuff of all the music I used to listen to but didn't anymore (cause we're in the same circle of friends). I didn't know what happened to my mix (Conor sent them out randomly) until last year. I guess some dude had it and gave it to one of Michelle's friends. He said he was kind of disappointed that I didn't make the mix on a cassette (too bad Marci didn't add him to my friends list on Facebook, or I would have invited him (last one)).

But yeah. I don't know if I'm regretting joining this group. In a way it will be a way to get rid of 10 60 minute tapes, so I guess I'm signed on until at least November.

Lately I've been revisiting some old songs. It's weird to restart listening to music you haven't heard in a few years. When Marci was in upstate New York I was making play lists for my ipod and listening to them in the dark before I went to sleep. The song I like to listen to before I went to sleep is "Laughing Stock" by Grandaddy which is pretty awesome with headphones on.

I tried to find the song for you, but I couldn't. I would put it on somewhere but Marci has my laptop. So to go along with this very negative post I'll drop this very disturbing music video by Grandaddy.

The kids in the bunny suit kind of make me want to vomit.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm in a group show in Emeryville and the opening is on Friday

It's put together by J.B. Lowe. I have a piece in it. It should be a good show. I need to find a ride.

here's the info:

Sci fi_ fantasy promo

1410 62nd Street Emeryville, CA 94608

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Art Show
Popular Bay Area artists have contributed some of their best work for a showcase of the imagination.
Show Dates:
February 2nd -February 27th
Opening Reception:
February 6th 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Featuring the work of: Brenoch Adams, Neil Blevins, Joel Boucquemont, D. Dasari, Todd Fellows, Robert Hunt, Justin Kohn, Caitlin Kuhwald, Chris Lane, J.B. Lowe, Dave Pauls, Deth P. Sun and more.

I thought it was just a Science Fiction show so I made some random painting. I kind of wished I gave them something like I normally do, cause I guess my work would have fit in the "Fantasy" part. I should probably stop skimming my e-mails. Uh, my bad.

I went to school with J.B., as well as Caitlin and Chris Lane. It's kind of a different show than I'm normally in (in a good way). I think a few of the artist are like professional illustrators (Pixar is in Emeryville, and I think there's a guy from ILM).

It's in my old zip code near the Amtrak station in Emeryville. I haven't really been in that part of Oakland in a long while. There used to be (and there probably still is) a weird store called Kimono My House which was run by some Japanese dude and he sold Japanese toys and cult items. The last time I went there was in like 1999, and I never saw a store like it. It was at the top of this warehouse and it was like going through a maze to find it. You could see the banners from the street so you knew it was up there. We found it on my second try. It felt like a weird time capsule of Japan of the 80s, cause everything sort of stopped at Totoro and there was a lot of Godzilla stuff, and men as robots. We figured the guy probably left Japan in the late 80s and just had the store for an excuse to store all his stuff up there (we actually don't really know if that's true).

Yes, yes. I used to take the bridge over the Amtrak station to the Borders and the Emeryville International Food Court. I also used to go to that post office until I realized I could ship my paintings for less at the Long's on San Pablo.

But, yeah. that leads to, uh, if you're in the Bay Area you should go check out this show.

Sorry, I ramble, and most of it leads to nowhere.

Making Spaghetti

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Michael Palin Pole to Pole

I'm starting to watch only documentaries that are hosted by former Monty Python member. I watched The Human Face with John Cleece, and I just about finished Michael Palin's Pole to Pole. Next on my Netflix Queue is Terry Jones' Medieval Lives. They say it's narrated by the guy who dresses up like a woman the most. The short one with the dark hair. He's British, if that helps any. Played Brian's mom. And the revolutionaries' mom in The Holy Grail. Oh, I saw the companion documentary of revisiting the set of Monty Python with Michael Palin and Brian's mom.

Yes, yes. Well, I'm just here to say that if you have Netflix you should check out this documentary. He travels from the North Pole to the South Pole which takes 144 days or about 8 40 minute episodes. Africa is fucked, he goes through the Sudan while it's still at war and apparently Ethiopia is seriously 7 years behind. The filming was done during the summer before the fall of Communism. So it's kind of a weird marker of what was going on then.

I don't know. He goes to the three of the places I want to someday go, which are Norway, Finland, and St. Petersburg so the first few episodes were really sweet. It just got scarier as they go further south.

Since You've been Home

Marci got back from Yaddo on Wednesday but it's been all work since she got back. I took some time off of uh, taking time off, by making sure she just has to worry about painting and nothing else. Which pretty much means I'm just cooking or planning out what we're eating for the day. It's actually kind of nice cause when Marci cooks, even when I'm not hungry I'd eat whatever she puts in front of me, but when I don't have to eat at every meal.

She's super busy cause her gallery needs an image for the press release before she goes and works a trade show for two weeks in Tucson. Her original plan was to work on all her paintings at the same time, but now she's using the four days home to try and finish this one painting she wants to use and get it to the photographer right before she gets on a plane.

But, yeah. Here's some cat videos: