Sunday, January 25, 2009

Since You've Been Gone

Uh, since Marci went to Yaddo I haven't really been doing much. She gets back in a few days or so, and then she's off to Tucson for 2 weeks. Since December she's been to Miami, Boise, and New York.

After I got back, I had to work on my show at Rowan Morrison in Oakland. It's on 40th and Broadway and all my friends live in North Oakland (a lot of them near 40th and Telegraph, which is the next major street over). My friend, Pete runs the space so it was nice just showing at a place that was more like just having a show at friend's house.

But since that show I really haven't been up to anything. Our cat Penelope gets nervous whenever Marci leaves town and she tends to over eat, so she was puking a lot. She kept on puking on the bed when I was gone, and I had to change the cover 3 times before I decided to just stay home for a while. But she kept on puking, so I moved the TV into the bedroom and have been playing video games while watching documentaries on my laptop. It worked, she's stopped over eating. But yeah, it's just been me in bed with her all day.

I've been playing Scrabble with various friends who have stopped by to chat cause they were in the neighborhood. For some strange reason, despite my limited vocabulary I'm quite good at it. I've only lost once since we got it, and that was the game Marci got her first bingo.

Last Monday my friend, Rob had a free day so he came to the East Bay and we went to a really nice restaurant in Alameda.

Last Thursday Zach, Michelle and I went to this show I'm in at the Palo Alto Art Center. Neither one of us had ever been to Palo Alto and although the roads were very dark we somehow found the place. Our friend, Ferris grew up there, and I guess he got dropped off there as a kid to take art classes. We later picked up Matthew and got drinks at Ben & Nicks in Oakland.

Saturday I went to game night at a friend's house. We played two rounds of Apples to Apples, and I played Trivial Pursuit for the first time. Trivial Pursuit is kind of frustrating and I think it brings out the ass-hole in me. Who thinks Honolulu is an Island? Who takes 20 minutes to try and figure out what is the title of the first part of J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy, "The Lord of the Rings"?.

Yeah, during Thanksgiving there was a big fight over Trivial Pursuit. I didn't get to see it cause when I saw the game come out it looked really bad and I went and hid in the TV room. Marci's family is "a little" too competitive.

If you really want to get good at Trivial Pursuit you should just really watch the History Channel a lot. Or watch a lot of documentaries.

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Marci said...

I miss you too mister...