Monday, January 26, 2009

On Friday I got this Email From My Friend

In case you haven't seen this,
here's the crazy pitchfork article about DC Berman quitting the silver
jews and confessing that his dad is an evil powerful washington dc

fyi, the SJ message board that he posted it on is the crappy new one
that I barely ever write on.*

*SIde Note: They started a new Silver Jews message board and my friend got yelled at for making fun of someone who never heard the "Arizona Record", which you know if you like a band enough to join their message board you'd think you'd at least dick around the Internet and find their first album. But yeah, apparently there were a lot of other folks who hadn't heard it either.

When I got this e-mail I was kind of sad, but then while lying in bed I thought of all the Silver Jews music I really enjoy, and it just sat at American Water and The Natural Bridge. I think it all kind of went down hill when he found his wife (but I'm glad he found happiness).

Last year, out of curiosity I read a book on Neutral Milk Hotel. The book answered this dying question I needed an answer to, and that was, "Why did Jeff Magnum stop making music?". And I got that answer, and it was just as simple as there was no more Neutral Milk Hotel music left and anything else would have been less. And since then, sometimes listening to songs like "Punks in the Beer Light", or "Tennessee", or "Animal Shapes" I go, "Uh".

I bought the Silver Jew DVD but I haven't seen it yet. I wanted to see it with someone who really likes the Silver Jews, but everyone who does has already seen the movie.


Another side note, if you're like me, and you want more good stuff from DC Berman, but are a little disappointed in the newer stuff, you should pick up Actual Air, his book of poems. I tend to not like poetry, but I picked it up in the fall and it's a pretty good read. If I was better with words I could tell you why, but I'm not.

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